Infamous Drug Lord’s Brother Attempts To Raise $50 Million To Impeach Trump

The brother of slain Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to impeach President Donald Trump.

Roberto Escobar, also known as El Osito, created the GoFundMe page to raise money to bolster a campaign to impeach Trump through “intelligence research, lobby firms and lawyers.”

The campaign was looking to raise upwards of $50 million, but it had been pulled by the platform on Wednesday pending more investigation, according to TMZ.

The GoFundMe page said the Escobar family was “holding dirty secrets” about the president as well as his family and other associates, according to TMZ.

Before his death in a firefight with Colombian National Police in 1993, as recounted by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, Pablo Escobar was one of the biggest drug dealers in the world and a known killer. But in the eyes of his brother, that makes him a Hispanic “hero.”

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TMZ reported that as part of the campaign, Escobar said, “I am the brother of a Latino hero, I have eliminated many people from power.”

“Trump will be impeached,” he added.

TMZ reported that GoFundMe has said the crowdfunding site pulled the page and “has asked the fundraising page creators for additional information — including how exactly the money raised will be used.”

However, the Escobar, Inc., company, run by Roberto Escobar, started an additional Impeach Trump Fund website in order to raise funds “to legally obtain intelligence which could make an impeachment possible.”

That site states that “some of the funds raised will be used to pay for professional lobbyists to go against Donald Trump” and that “some of the funds will be paid to a law firm to handle communications with Washington & others to get Trump impeached.”

It adds that the company will “push hard” to have President Trump impeached.

The site claims to have over 100,000 followers. It has only four followers on Twitter,. about 2,300 on Facebook, and about 76,000 on Instagram.

A YouTube video posted by the group might not be what viewers would be expecting.

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On the front page of the website is a picture of President Trump with text that says, “My name is Donald Trump, and I am scared of Pablo Escobar.”

The paragraph continues saying, “If someone can impeach me, it must be Pablo Escobar and his family and brother Roberto Escobar. I have done so many things wrong both before, during (and probably after) my presidency, that I deserve to be impeached and removed from ruling the U.S.A.”

While the site claims to have raised over $1 million in funds, its unclear how much has actually been raised.

Author: Steven Beyer

Source: Westernjournal: Infamous Drug Lord’s Brother Attempts To Raise $50 Million To Impeach Trump

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