Congress Finds Border Wall Solution For Trump – Leaves Democrats In Shambles

Donald just got exactly what he needs to beat Pelosi and Schumer and end this shutdown.

The ongoing government shutdown pits Donald Trump against the entire Democratic Party.

He wants to work with Congress to secure the border. But Pelosi and her goons refuse to provide one red cent to protect Americans.

Some have suggested that Trump will declare a national emergency. But, once again, the Democrats might oppose him through the courts.

One congressman has found a powerful solution that will leave the Democrats in the dust.

From Red State Observer:

[Republican Congressman Mark Meadows] suggest to use 10 USC 274/284, which would allow the construction of fencing without congressional approval.

“Democrats have made it extremely clear this shutdown is all about opposing Trump for them. It’s time to pursue other options. 10 USC 274/284 would allow for fence construction without national emergency. Protect our communities, build the wall, and forget unreasonable Democrats.

According to this law, the Secretary of Defense can provide DOD personnel for the “maintenance of equipment for Federal, State, and local civilian law enforcement officials.”

Meaning the Army and other military servicemen can build the wall.

This is already law, one that cannot be so easily contested by far-left radical judges.

This very well might be the route Trump will take to build the wall. We know the wall is going to happen.

Democrats can delay and obstruct, but America is on Trump’s side. Far too many have suffered thanks to the open border. We can’t let it go on forever.

Especially as more caravans march through Mexico.

But if Trump goes this route, Pelosi loses big time. Right now, Trump has a deal on the table that will help Democrats. DACA kids will get some help. And the border will be secured.

The liberals are too petty to play ball. They will lose everything.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriotjournal: Congress Finds Border Wall Solution For Trump – Leaves Democrats In Shambles

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