After Trump Sends Note To Ginsburg – He Breaks Silence On Plan For Supreme Court

Democrats didn’t think Donald would dare – get ready, America.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg hasn’t been seen in public in for 57 days, and Americans are growing increasingly concerned.

The liberal media keep insisting Ginsburg is merely recovering from surgery and is working from home, but she has canceled events left and right and is missing oral arguments for the first time in her 25 year career.

Remember when the media came up with all kinds of speculations about Melania Trump when she was not seen in public for 20 days after having kidney surgery?

It’s obvious the media is hiding something from the American public.

Many are speculating that Ginsburg may not return, but President Trump is staying neutral on the topic and decided to send a classy message to her.

“I hope that she’s healthy … I hope she’s happy … I hope she lives for a long time,” Trump said of Ginsburg.

Then he was asked, in the event Ginsburg doesn’t come back, who he would nominate to replace Ginsburg. For the first time in months Trump broke his silence.

From The Daily Caller:

Trump would not commit to nominating Judge Amy Coney Barrett in the case of a Ginsburg vacancy, but said of his previously released list of potential Supreme Court nominees, “I have very much confined myself to that list as you know … that list has great people on it … and I’d say it’s highly likely I would say.”

The president speculated that his previously released list of potential Supreme Court nominees was one of the reasons he won, saying “a lot of people have said that list is one of the reasons I won … because being a non-politician where you don’t have a record of choosing people.

Supreme Court especially for the Republican party, it seems was very, very important.”

If Ginsburg’s retirement is imminent, Barrett will very likely become the next choice from the President’s list, and she would be an excellent one.

Unlike Ginsburg, Barrett believes in the Constitution and is pro-life. She would be a welcome change from the radical Ginsburg, who has been instrumental in helping the Left’s progressive ideology take root in America.

If Ginsburg cared for the well-being of the country, she would step down and focus on her health. It’s become clear that she is no longer capable of performing her duties, even if she doesn’t want to admit it.

Could this be why Nancy Pelosi has been desperate to postpone the Trump’s State of the Union address? If Ginsburg fails to show up, it will only fuel speculation that her days as a Supreme Court Justice are numbered.

But Barrett is ready to fill her shoes.

Author: Faith Braverman

Source: Patriotjournal: After Trump Sends Note To Ginsburg – He Breaks Silence On Plan For Supreme Court

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