Beto Tries to Upstage POTUS, Gets Humiliated

Last night, Trump hosted a campaign rally in El Paso, Texas. He picked this strategic spot to highlight the flaws in our weak Southern border.

Once again, he called for a wall to protect us from unchecked illegal immigration. Failed candidate Beto O’Rourke tried to upstage the president by hosting his own rally nearby.

Big mistake.

You may have forgotten who Beto O’Rourke is. The Irish American politician (who uses the nickname Beto to sound more Hispanic) tried to steal the Senate seat of Texan Ted Cruz. He had no chance of winning, until millions of outside dollars came flooding into his campaign. But despite this—and charges of voter fraud—Beto was beaten by good ol’ Cruz.

Despite his humiliating defeat, Beto is still around. Makes sense, the Democrats have zero personalities to lead the toxic party. Obama’s gone and Hillary Clinton is two steps away from jail. They are desperate to have someone likable enough to unite the party. Some think it’s Beto. They should keep looking.

Beto exposed his agenda when, in 2018, he said we need illegal immigrants because they do the work Americans (especially African Americans) won’t do. Yeah, he actually said that. The man is so driven to pander to outsiders, he insulted millions of hard-working Americans who just want a job.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is taking on the entire D.C. swamp just to score jobs for the forgotten American worker.

Beto’s campaign was also exposed for sending texts to voters, encouraging them to bring illegals with them to the polls on Election Day. Yep, you just can’t make this stuff up.

And on Monday, when Donald Trump appeared at El Paso to call for border protections, stupid Beto was nearby, trying to convince Texans that they don’t need a border wall. Talk about an idiot.

If there’s any group of citizens that desperately want a strong border, it’s Texans. They suffer continually because of their open border with Mexico. Border towns in Mexico are controlled by drug cartels. They import violence, drugs, and human trafficking straight into Texas. Why would any honest, hard-working patriot in the Lone Star State want an open border?

Apparently, very few. While President Trump’s rally brought out huge numbers, Beto couldn’t muster even a decent crowd. And, as always, the president was on hand to ridicule his rival.

“We have a line that is very long already, I’m mean you see what’s going on,” Trump told reporters before boarding Air Force One and flying to Texas where he will hold a rally in El Paso. “And I understand our competitor’s got a line too, but it’s a tiny little line. Of course (the media) make it sound like they have more people than we do. That’s not going to happen.” [Source: Daily Wire]

According to Trump’s campaign manager, they had over 35,000 people wanting to see the president. Eight thousand were in inside the venue, while tens of thousands more were in the overflow areas. That’s pretty typical of a Trump rally.

Meanwhile, Beto’s pathetic “resistance” event only had a reported 900 guests. I’ll let you guess how many were “documented” or not.

Beto called his event “March for Truth: Stop the Wall, Stop the Lies.” Wow, what a joker. Every American has seen by now the absolute disaster that is our Southern border. Thousands of migrants are forming caravans, intent on barging into our country. Criminal aliens sneak over like it’s a revolving door. Countless Americans suffer as a result of illegal immigration. Many are killed, addicted to opioids, or lose jobs because of this crisis.

Yet Democrat Beto calls it all “lies.” Someone is lying alright. And it ain’t Trump.

You can’t deny the impact Trump is having. And how so many Texans rally behind his cause.

Meanwhile, all the pictures of Beto’s event have been taken to hide how few actually attended. Like this one, where the cameraman is so far away and the numbers are hidden behind their banner.

Wow, check out that crowd size! You got, like 300 people! Now check out THIS crowd size:

The media continues to lie about the millions of Americans who rally behind Trump. They think we are a small minority, full of hate and racism. Meanwhile, their supporters are surging in the billions. It’s all a lie. Millions of Americans, from all walks of life, are behind President Trump. We want the wall finished, period. The media and their liberal elites can only bamboozle a few idiots to attend their pathetic rallies.

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