Crisis Has Reached Levels U.S. Government Has Never Seen, Trump Steps Up

Democrats thought they stopped him – but Donald is taking swift action.

President Trump believes the situation at America’s southern border has gotten out of hand.

Up to one MILLION may cross the border in 2019.

But Democrats continue to do all they can to stop Trump, including capping how many ICE can detain.

But now Donald is blowing past those numbers, using ICE as an “icy hammer” to clean up the border swamp. From The Daily Beast:

For the first time in its history, the U.S. government is detaining more than 50,000 people it says are undocumented immigrants in jails and prisons around the country.

Democrats won’t admit there is a border swamp crisis, but 50,000 people will tell you otherwise.

Trump will not just let them all go free within our borders – but it turns out, that’s exactly what Democrats wanted.

A year ago, when passing ICE’s most recent budget, legislators explicitly instructed the interior-immigration agency to cap detentions at 40,520.

Trump was ordered to cap detentions around 40,000. Where would the rest go? Free to roam America.

Instead, when ICE ran out of money for beds and detention centers, they got permission to take extra funds from other groups like FEMA.

It’s the same game Trump has to play now for border wall funding. He’s moving billions from groups flush with cash to fix our broken border system.

Democrats are not happy that the numbers of detained are increasing, but it just proves Trump’s point. There’s a big border problem, and it needs fixing now.

Author: Jon Brenner

Source: Patriotjournal: President Trump Blindsides Congress – Drops Frozen Hammer On Border Swamp

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