James Woods Warning About Socialism Every Voter Needs to See

Conservative activist and actor James Woods just tweeted a warning about socialism that every voter in American needs to see, right away.

“The goal of every #socialist is to control the populace. It starts with gun “control” and the banning of free speech and the right of assembly. We see it today in France and tomorrow we will see it here” Woods tweeted.

As usual Mr. Woods gets it exactly right!

Socialists want to control every aspect of people’s lives. You can vote your way into it but as we’ve seen in Venezuela you have to shoot your way out of it.

James got a lot of support for his warning about socialism:

Once again, thank you James Woods for saying what needs to be said!

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Author: Steve Straub

Source: Thefederalistpapers: James Woods Warning About Socialism Every Voter Needs to See

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