New Poll Reveals What Americans Really Feel about Mueller Probe

For nearly three years, Robert Mueller has been leading an investigation into possible Russian interference in the 2016 Election. Despite millions of dollars spent, we’ve yet to see any evidence that proves the real goal of the investigation: that Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia.

Now, a new poll reveals what Americans really think of Mueller and his probe.

Most honest Americans will agree that Trump did nothing wrong. As countless others corrupted and betrayed the integrity of our democracy in 2016, Donald Trump ran an honest and expert campaign that ushered him into the White House.

We can all see the Mueller probe for what it is: payback by Democrats for their huge loss. The probe was launched based on a dossier compiled by a firm paid by Hillary Clinton. There is nothing in this dossier that can be verified. In fact, most of it has been debunked.

Yet Obama’s corrupt FBI launched this probe. As of today, we’ve seen zero findings that suggest Trump or his people worked with Russia in any way, let alone to “steal” the election.

In fact, all we’ve learned is how Hillary Clinton, Obama, James Comey, and other top officials undermined our society and democracy to stop Trump from winning. Hillary colluded with Russian agents to craft the fake dossier.

Obama’s DOJ told the FBI to stop investigating Hillary’s illegal email server, as it would hurt her chances at winning.

And James Comey was the crafter of the current investigation, the one now being led by Mueller.

We’ve yet to see any shred of evidence to connection Donald Trump to Russia in any way. Yet, to this day, Mueller has spent years and millions on a bogus investigation. All so that liberals in the media can spread the false notion that Trump is an illegitimate president.

Talk about a violation of our democracy.

But it looks like justice is on our side. Since day one, Donald Trump has decried this bogus probe. He’s made it clear it is only being used by Democrats to persecute his administration.

And it seems like Americans agree with him.

A new USA Today/Suffolk poll seems to show that Americans are growing increasingly antsy with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and now, more than ever, agree with President Donald Trump that Mueller’s investigation amounts to a “witch hunt.”

The “witch hunt” line is particularly resonant: “[f]ifty percent say they agree with Trump’s assertion that the special counsel’s investigation is a ‘witch hunt’ and that he has been subjected to more investigations than previous presidents because of politics..

Worst for Democrats, only about 28% of Americans say that they believe initiating impeachment proceedings is a good idea, down a whopping 10% from the same poll taken in October, before the 2018 elections. [Source: Daily Wire]

After over three years of fake news specifically designed to discredit Donald Trump, liberals once again failed.

You need to know that all the negative news aimed at the president is to get you, the American voter, to hate him. So that, come 2020, you’ll won’t even go to the polls, giving whatever clown running on the Democratic ticket an easy victory.

But this poll proves, once again, how much Americans distrust the liberal media. They’ve spent countless hours and dollars spreading the notion that Donald Trump worked with Russia to steal our democracy.

They’ve left this Mueller probe drag on, despite any results. All in the expectation that you’d believe them.

Yet, even know, Democrats are losing. A majority of Americans agree with Trump that Mueller is running a witch hunt. A dismally low number of Americans think impeachment should even be on the table.

Democrats have tried to create the narrative that Trump doesn’t belong in the White House. They’ve used all their resources to bamboozle you into believing it.

They’ve had 95% of the media carrying that story. And still they’ve failed.

That’s pretty good news for Trump and his supporters.

All that remains is for the Mueller probe to be shutdown. And real investigations into the Democrats to begin.

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