Trump Enemy Finally Gets His — Is Slapped with TWO Cases.

Michael Avenatti is the lawyer that sought fame and fortune by attacking President Trump. He was given ample airtime on numerous networks to slander the POTUS, based on thing but lies and rumor. At one point, Avenatti was considering a presidential run himself. My, how things have changed. The former porn star lawyer is forced to face the music, as he’s hit hard.

Avenatti entered the spotlight when he represented Stormy Daniels, a porn star that claimed she had a relationship with Donald Trump. Already, Daniels’ story had fizzled. After appearing on 60 Minutes, the liberal media quickly learned that people didn’t care about what she had to say. So, she did what most desperate losers do—launched a lawsuit against the president.

Her lawyer, Avenatti, claimed many things. Foremost, was that his lawsuit against Donald Trump would take down the president once and for all. It didn’t work out that way. Not only did a judge throw out the case, but he ordered Daniels pay Trump’s legal fees. Ouch.

But Avenatti wasn’t done yet. During the Brett Kavanaugh fiasco, when Democrats accused an innocent man of sexual abuse, Avenatti was on hand. He represented a woman that claimed she was “gang raped” by Kavanaugh and his buddies. That wild accusation—which was completely untrue—tanked the left’s attempts at slandering Kavanaugh with other accusations.

Today, Kavanaugh sits on the Supreme Court. Avenatti lost again.

But still, this man continued to attack the President of the United States. He claimed, without any proof, that Trump would be taken down over the Russian collusion case. We know now that Mueller’s probe completely exonerated Trump; he never worked with Russia. So, Avenatti was wrong again.

All of Avenatti’s claims and attacks have been proven to be wrong. It seems like the man was simply lying to hold onto the spotlight.

But all that bad blood seems to have come back and bitten him in the butt, as he’s been arrested for not one, but TWO serious crimes.

Although Avenatti’s dramatic New York arrest for an alleged $25 million extortion scheme targeting sports apparel giant Nike dominated headlines on Monday, the separate federal wire and bank fraud charges that Avenatti simultaneously faces in Los Angeles may pose his greatest legal threat.

Avenatti is looking at up to 47 years in prison on the New York charges if convicted, and 50 years in the California case, which resulted from a much longer-running investigation involving a lengthier paper trail. Avenatti has strenuously denied wrongdoing, and in a tweet early Tuesday morning, thanked his supporters for their “kind words,” adding, “It means a lot to me.” [Source: Fox News]

Avenatti was arrested in New York over alleged attempts to extort (also called blackmail) Nike for $25 million. On the same day, he was charged for wire and bank fraud charges, related to a former client. Seems like he was lying to a client (allegedly) and refusing to payout the money he owed him.

Those are some serious charges. If convicted of all of them, the man might end up in prison for a whopping 97 years.

But, true to his character, the man is scheming for a way out. He even claimed the California charges are politically motivated, because the client is being represented by “a person close to Trump.”

Really? Everything goes back to Trump, huh Avenatti? You already lost your battle against the president. You tried to con America with a continued barrage of attacks against Donald Trump. All that did was blow up in your face.

Now you’re facing serious consequences for your actions and you’re blaming Trump? This has nothing to do with Trump. Trump doesn’t even know you’re alive! This has everything to do with a client you supposedly screwed over.

I guess when Trump Derangement Syndrome takes over a person’s mind, they can never get free.

For the rest of us, this is justice in its purest form. For over two years, patriots had to sit by as sleezy people in the media slandered our president. They lied about him “colluding” with Russia. But in this one week, Trump has been exonerated and one of his vilest foes has been arrested.

There’s a lesson in this for all Trump haters. I wonder if they’re going to learn it?

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