Trump Hitting Back after These Countries Refused to Help the U.S.

Almost half a year ago, President Trump warned certain South American countries to come to the U.S.’s aid. He vowed, if they refuse to comply to his basic request, they’d face serious consequences. It’s been months and these nations have flat out refused to help our country. So, Trump is making them face the music.

Since last fall, we’ve had to watch as thousands of migrants formed caravans and marched toward our border. These people have come from various nations, but mostly El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

The caravans have gotten on buses, barged into Mexico, and overwhelmed Mexican authorities. They have jeopardized the safety of local communities and people within their own groups. Criminals have been found to be lurking in these caravans. All of them think they can waltz right into our country, our immigration laws be damned.

The strategy is clear. Immigration activists (working for the Democrats) have arranged these caravans to simply overwhelm our border security. Without the wall, these massive caravans are flooding our ports, making it impossible for Customs agents to process them properly. More than a few will slip through the cracks, getting into the U.S. illegally.

President Trump, outraged that this is happening, has warned these countries to do something about it. He said it is their shared responsibility to make sure thousands of their own people aren’t leaving for America. The United States provides billions in aid to these nations; the least they can do is help us out during this crisis.

All of them refused to even lift a finger. So, Trump made good on his word.

The United States is cutting off aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras for failing to put an end to the numerous migrant caravans that are overwhelming the U.S.-Mexico border.

“We were paying them tremendous amounts of money,” President Donald Trump said on Friday. “And we’re not paying them anymore. Because they haven’t done a thing for us. They set up these caravans.”

Mexico Daily News reported on Wednesday that Mexican Federal Interior Secretary Olga Sánchez Cordero said that the “mother of all caravans” was forming in Honduras and that it contains an estimated 20,000 people.

Obama-era DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson said this week that the situation on the southern border is so dire that “we are truly in a crisis.” [Source: Daily Wire]

When one of Obama’s people is agreeing with Trump, you know there is a real crisis on our hands. Many of us had said that once these caravans formed, they’d never stop.

And we were right. After the first caravan made its was successfully to the border, many more followed.

It’s clear this is an attempt to force as many illegals into the country before Trump builds his wall. We know that Democrats exploit illegal aliens for votes. They don’t want a wall or effective immigration laws. Seeing Trump make progress on his promise to secure the border, they have forced the issue.

But it’s not all their fault. These nations should have complied with the president’s request and prevented these caravans from forming. Instead, they looked the other way as thousands of their citizens left on a perilous journey.

Our nation cannot sustain these caravans. If a group of 20,000 is on its way—what are we supposed to do? We can’t legally let them in. But we have no place to put them. Obviously, this was arranged so that many of these migrants would break through the border and escape into our country. It will only make our problems worse.

El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras must be held responsible for its lack of cooperation. We send them considerable aid year-round. And this is the thanks we get? Perhaps losing funding will change their mind very quickly.

Democrats must also be held accountable. They’ve refused to put Americans first. The best way to teach them a lesson though, is to make sure they never hold power in this country again.

Make sure you pay them back in 2020.

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