Chaos Erupts among House Democrats, They Can’t Even Do This

Nancy Pelosi bragged when, after the 2018 Election, Democrats managed to grab a slim majority in the House. Pelosi was crowned Speaker once again, a position she’s hungered over for years. Yet after only a few short months in power, the woman is falling apart. House Democrats are in chaos. They can’t even do this one simple task.

The Democratic Party is falling apart at the seams. We’ve seen this happening since before 2016. Corrupt Hillary Clinton bought the party and stole the nomination in 2015. Since Donald Trump entered the White House, Democrats have been eating each other. They’ve neglected actually working for Americans and have wasted valuable time and energy trying to slander the president.

What’s worse, the party is lurching left like never before. Prominent Democrats are openly embracing radical, toxic socialist ideas. Some of the most talked about liberals want “Medicare for All,” universal income, and massive expansion of the government’s power. Ideas that most Americans despise and would never support.

Not to mention ideas that would leave the country bankrupt.

After she won back the House, Nancy Pelosi pretended like it was a new day for the Democrats. But the party lacks vision and focus—and a strong leader to wrangle the many rebels in their midst. In fact, House Democrats are so fractured, they can’t even pass a simple bill.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lost control of the House floor on Tuesday, withdrawing from consideration before a vote what was presumed to be a mundane, run-of-the-mill, typical political messaging bill on the budget due to widespread division in her own House Democrat conference…

“House Democratic leaders shelved a plan to pass a bill increasing budget caps for the next two fiscal years amid infighting between their caucus’s liberal and moderate wings.” [Source: Breitbart]

The bill wasn’t going to become the official budget. It was just something to present to the Senate and the White House to kick off negotiations. But the Democrats are so fractured, so splintered, they can’t even agree on that.

Normally, a strong Speaker of the House would silence the infighting and bring some amount of unity to the party. Pelosi is not able to do that.

You want to know the truth? The Democratic Party is dead. It died a long time ago. That’s why radicals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar are around. These are vultures picking at the carcass. If the party was still strong and focused, they would have never let left-wing socialists like these even win their primaries.

Now what’s left of the party can’t even come together and agree on a basic proposal. Newbie lawmakers are running amuck. Moderates are being left in the dust. Meanwhile, America watches as these Democrats refuse to focus on our real problems, like fixing healthcare and securing the Southern border.

Things are looking bad for Pelosi. She couldn’t bring the left-wing and moderate members of her party together to agree on a basic plan. Now that the sharks smell the blood in the water, they are going to challenge her again and again. She will rapidly lose control over her party, leaving it in shambles.

Remember, Democrats weren’t even able to condemn anti-Semitism earlier this year. Something as universal as condemning racism is beyond their grasp. They’ve really lost it, if you ask me.

That means, until the next election, the House of Representatives won’t be able to get anything done. All the promises Democrats made in 2018 to win back the House will never happen. It will be up to Trump and Republican-controlled Senate to get anything done. The Democrats will embarrass themselves even more.

Come 2020, they won’t have a leg to stand on. Sure, there will be Democrats talking big in the hopes of winning elections, but they’ve lost the fire. They have no vision or moral authority to lead this country. They can’t even agree on what to say or what to sign. In a few more years, there might not even be a Democratic Party left.

I definitely won’t miss them. Will you?

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