Trump Is Putting America First Again — Signs Two New Executive Orders

President Trump has just signed executive orders that will put Americans first and help us save millions. These orders fly in the face of Obama’s policy, which hampered innovation and killed job. These orders will also foil the schemes of radical environmentalists. All they can do is watch and weep.

During the Obama administration, our energy independence was a joke. Obama crippled our energy sector, making it impossible for oil and natural gas companies to harvest more resources. He nearly killed the coal industry, with many factories going out of business (leaving tens of thousands of workers in the cold).

He did all this in the name of “environmentalism.” Yet all he really managed to do was limit America’s ability to produce energy, forcing us to buy it from foreign powers. Many of them in the Middle East, who didn’t really love us.

Hmm… why would an American president put the interests of foreign nations (who don’t follow environmental laws) ahead of his own? I can’t tell you that, but I do know that all changed when Trump entered office.

President Trump has vowed to put Americans first. He is quickly reversing the terrible policies of the former administration. Perhaps his biggest wins have been in the energy sector, where he has helped put America back on top. We are now the largest producer of energy in the world. Other nations are buying from us, instead of the other way around.

And now Trump has signed a set of new orders that will ensure private businesses will thrive. They also will prevent radical protestors from hurting us.

President Donald Trump signed a pair of executive orders aimed at speeding up oil and gas pipeline permitting, including limiting the ability of activists and states to block key energy projects…

Trump ordered federal agencies to speed up permitting for pipeline projects, including asking the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to curtail state authority to block projects under the Clean Water Act (CWA)…

New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration has blocked a number of natural gas pipelines from running through his state, depriving the northeast of much needed energy supplies. [Source: Daily Caller]

States run by Democrats have tried to use environmental laws to prevent the production of oil and gas. Cuomo is a good example of how idiotic and corrupt Democrats hurt their own residents. Not to protect the environmental, mind you (energy companies follow strict rules already), but to help foreign powers that want to sell us energy. Foreign powers that often buy and sell American politicians.

On the federal level, companies are often blocked through long delays in the permit process. This is by design. Groups like the EPA do not want private companies to be producing more oil or gas. They can’t outright deny them, so they make them wait for approval. And wait. And wait some more. In some cases, companies are forced to wait for years.

How much energy do you think they end up producing, then?

Democrats claim drilling for oil and natural gas is bad for the environment. As someone who worked for the Environmental Protection Agency, I can tell you they are lying. American companies are some of the most responsible in the world. They are leading the way in creating new, safe, and responsible methods of extracting natural resources. It’s in their best interests to protect the environment, while earning a profit.

But Democrats don’t care. They hate private industry. After all, Democrats today are socialists, who want all industry to be run by the government. They use the environment as a ruse to push this agenda.

Worse still is the fact that many Democrats are in the pocket of foreign lobbyists and industries, industries who don’t want America becoming a powerful opponent to their plans.

Trump is striking a blow against the Democrats’ sick schemes. He is empowering American companies, who hire American workers, and provide affordable energy to you. The energy surplus we are enjoying today is a result of the president’s hard work and dedication.

Remember that, come 2020.

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