Trump Breaks Silence On Campaign Spying, Spells Doom For Obama And Susan Rice

President Trump just broke his silence about the bombshell Bill Barr dropped on Washington D.C. yesterday.

Barr, if you missed it, admitted the Trump campaign was spied on and everyone wants to know how high up it went.

It is possible, though highly doubtful, that this was a rogue operation, but no one really believes that or that the top people were unaware. That is a bridge too far…

Specifically, according to Cory Lewandowski, Trump believes Obama sanctioned it or at least Susan Rice, which is the same thing.

From The Hill: President Trump said Thursday that he “absolutely” believes there was “unprecedented” spying on his campaign in 2016, a day after Attorney General William Barr made the assertion during testimony on Capitol Hill.

“I think what he said was absolutely true,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office during a meeting with the South Korean president.

“There was absolutely spying into my campaign,” he continued. “I’ll go a step further. In my opinion it was illegal spying, unprecedented spying and something that should never be allowed to happen in our country again.”

The president on Thursday reiterated his call for a probe into the origins of the investigation of his 2016 campaign, calling the alleged surveillance “treason” and suggesting it would be a “disservice to our country” not to look into his claims.

“You’re just lucky I happened to be the president because a lot of other presidents would have reacted much differently than I reacted,” Trump added. “You’re very lucky I was the president during this scam.”

Enter Cory Lewandowski, a close ally of President Trump and he leaves no doubt who was responsible.

“He (Trump) absolutely thinks that this went directly to the top of the previous administration,” said Lewandowski on “Fox & Friends” Thursday.

“There is no way an opportunity like this to spy on a political opponent was not vetted at the highest levels of the government, whether it was Susan Rice or the Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes or Barack Obama himself. Somebody sanctioned this.

His Department of Justice filed an application to spy on guys like Carter page, Corey Lewandowski, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, and everybody else at the campaign because they didn’t like our politics.”

He added: “We’re American citizens. We fought for what we believed in. If the criteria is, ‘We don’t like your politics, we can spy on you,’ guess what, the Democrats better be very concerned.”

“We know it wasn’t legal because spying on American citizens on domestic soil because you don’t like our politics by definition is illegal,” said Lewandowski.

“The real question that Attorney General Barr has to determine is, how high in the previous administration did this go? Did Barack Obama know about this? Was this a rogue operation by Ben Rhodes, the deputy national security advisor?

Because we know that Comey and Clapper and Brennan and that team was authorized to do it. But where did the pressure point come from? And that’s what Attorney General Barr wants to find out. Who authorized it? When did they authorize it? And who knew about it?”

Author: Gary Fenster

Source: Kagdaily: Trump Breaks Silence On Campaign Spying, Spells Doom For Obama And Susan Rice

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