Disgusting Buzzfeed Editor Says This about Trump after Sri Lanka Bombing

The world was shocked when we learned about the horrible bombing attacks that took place in Sri Lanka over Easter. Hundreds of people died in what we now know was a radical, Islamic attack. The President of the United States issued words of condolences. Immediately afterward, a Buzzfeed editor said this about Trump. It will horrify you.

Easter is the most sacred day for Christians. Around the world, the devote celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christians attend church, worship together, and hold various events to mark the joyous day. But in Sri Lanka, a day of hope was turned into a day of terror.

The country has blamed a local militant group National Thowhweek Jaamath for setting out a series of bombings across churches and hotels. At least 290 people were killed in the terrorist attack and more than 500 were injured. This terrorist group is known to promote a radical, Islamic terrorist ideology.

Shortly after the news reached the United States, President Trump shared words of condolence and support for the people of Sri Lanka.

It’s common for a president to share these kinds of thoughts after a tragedy hits a foreign nation. The United States can and will offer help to Sri Lanka, including aid for victims and resources in cracking down on who’s to blame.

But that wasn’t good enough for Buzzfeed editor Miriam Elder. That hateful, left-wing blogger took to Twitter to bash Trump over the horrible attacks.

A BuzzFeed News world editor faced backlash Sunday for taking a swipe at President Trump while tweeting an article about the attacks in Sri Lanka on Easter.

“Suspect we’d be hearing a lot more outrage from Trump and co. if the Christians killed in Sri Lanka were white,” Miriam Elder tweeted with a link to BuzzFeed News.

Elder’s tweet, as The Washington Examiner reported, received many more comments than likes or retweets. It had received nearly 3,000 replies, 70 retweets and 170 likes as of Sunday evening. [Source: Fox News]

Wow. I mean, what can you say about this kind of awfulness? A country was just hit by a horrific terror attack. Hundreds of lives were lost on one of the most important days on the calendar. And this toxic, hateful, partisan hack used it to bash the president.

What kind of clown would do this? What kind of person would be so blind that, instead of showing kindness and respect for the victims, goes on to bash the president?

But this shouldn’t surprise us, anymore. The left lacks all sense of humanity or decency. They’d rather use anything to attack President Trump.

Thousands of Sri Lanka citizens and families around the world will be suffering from this attack for many days to come. A concert effort by their government and the international law enforcement community will be needed to take down this terror group. Lives will have to be rebuilt. It is a testing of many Christians’ faith.

But this con artist is complaining about Trump, calling him a racist.

When will these tired, pathetic attacks end? Are liberals so miserable they can’t even show a bit of sympathy during a terror attack? I guess so.

The only positive result is that more than a few people called out this hack for her statement. Many criticized the woman for trying to use a terror attack to bash Trump. One person wrote, “The worst tweet of the day!” Another said, “This is disgusting. I hope you can become better than this.” Buzzfeed itself refused to comment, already terrified about the backlash this tweet is creating.

What’s really surprising is that Elder has yet to delete the tweet, at least out of respect of the victims. I guess more people need to express their outrage, so that she’ll realize what a monster she is. Perhaps Buzzfeed should reevaluate the kind of people they employee.

Who am I kidding? This is exactly the kind of person they want working for their miserable rag.

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