Ocasio-Cortez Scams Supporters With “Bait & Switch” Event

Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is back in the headlines with another scandal. It’s becoming more and more apparent that AOC is just another socialist promising things to the masses in order to beef up her own bank accounts.

AOC hosted a 5K event in Queens which she toted as “a Family Fun Run supporting U.S Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal on the Saturday following Earth Day.” 400 runners signed up, paying a $30 registration fee each. Little did they know however, that the funds were going straight towards lining the pockets of her campaign.

“We’re getting together for our own health, for our planet’s health … and to flight for the Green New Deal together,” congresswoman AOC announced to the participants before they began the run.

AOC prayed on her supporter’s environmental consciousness, misleading them to believe their hard earned money was going to help save the planet. Here’s what registrants had to say when asked about the event:

“It’s going to help raise awareness and educate people,” answered a female runner.

“I think it’s really for this particular New Green Deal,” responded Brian Schwartz of Long Island. “No question.”

“It’s to help the environment. To support the Green New Deal,” a different woman said. “It’s a good cause.”

AOC’s Facebook page didn’t help to clear up the confusion regarding the event. The page said the proceeds from the run would go towards supporting “U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & the Green New Deal” It seems as if though her campaign was purposefully keeping the true destination for all the cash a secret – which should not come as a surprise from a campaign with a history of questionable finance practices

It was only in the fine print of another event-related website that the truth was finally revealed. “Registration fees are contributions to AOC for Congress,” reads a legal disclosure on aoc5k.com, which lists the Federal Election Commission rules that donors must follow.

Ocasio-Cortez spokesman Corbin Trent said “It was a campaign fundraiser” confirming the legal disclosure on the website. All in all, those who participated in the event were tricked out of over $11,000.

AOC’s deception did not discriminate against age, as the event even signed up kids as young as 3 years old – paying $20 each to join a kids’ 1K – as unknowing political donors.

It gets worse – by making it unclear that those fees were actually campaign contributions, AOC may have enticed constituents into unintentionally breaking federal election laws. For example, parents can not contribute their own funds in a child’s name.

The amount this event raised is nearly insignificant to the congresswoman whose status as a democratic superstar paired with her aggressive twitter fingers, have skyrocketed her fundraising numbers. In the first quarter of this year alone, she has raised $726,000 through online solicitations.

Only 4 percent of that total came from constituents in her own district. At the 5k event, 198 runners came from the Bronx and from neighborhoods in Queens within the 14th congressional district. The other 200 donors came from out of her district. These contributions will improve her home-grown fundraising share.

A number of the registrants felt deceived. “The site says it’s to benefit her environmental plan,” one supporter said. “If it’s going to go directly to her campaign they should have said so.”

If the freshman congresswoman has the audacity to pull of these types of stunts when having such little experience in congress, I can only imagine the types of things she’d be willing to do as she becomes a more seasoned political official. Hopefully for the sake of all, her career in politics is short lived and she goes back to bartending sooner rather than later.

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