House Democrats Just Proved Why Attorney General Barr Doesn’t Take Them Seriously

When Attorney General Bill Barr issued a four page memo documenting the bottom line findings of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation on March 24, he volunteered to testify in front of the Senate and House Judiciary Committees. On April 18, he released the full Mueller report with minimal redactions.

On Wednesday, Barr completed his voluntary testimony on the Senate side and cancelled House testimony scheduled for today after Chairman Jerry Nadler changed the format.

Thursday morning Democrats, knowing Barr wouldn’t be showing up, placed a plastic chicken in his place. Further, Democrat Congressman Steve Cohen showed up with a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken and ate it in front of the press.

It’s no wonder Barr doesn’t take these people seriously. Even CNN analyst Phil Mudd agrees.

“If I were Barr, I would tell Jerry Nadler to pound sand. I would tell him to hit the road,” Mudd said. “Let me give you a couple of reasons why. Biggest hearing you might have in your entire chairmanship, you can’t bother, you’re too lazy to learn the portfolio well enough to ask your own questions? And your members don’t have the discipline not to sit here and speak without asking questions? Really? And my second question. Who was elected by the American people to oversee the Department of Justice in the most important investigation they have. Was it the members or was it some lawyer that you want to set up Barr with? This is a set-up.”

Author: Katie Pavlich

Source: Townhall: House Democrats Just Proved Why Attorney General Barr Doesn’t Take Them Seriously

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