Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Just Committed Campaign Fraud. Again

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is making waves again. This time, it isn’t for any wild proposals or demonstrations of complete ignorance. It’s not even her Twitter rants or Facebook livestream getting her in trouble. No, this time around, she’s in trouble with some of her closest supporters. She recently hosted a fundraiser, and the way she went about it was dangerously deceptive. Now, she has to face the fallout because she just put her own constituents in legal trouble.

The Family Fun Run

This little snafu started innocuously enough. AOC and her team put together a family fun run event. It was a 5k/10k type of gathering — where people could get a little exercise, have a good time and contribute to a cause they believed in.

In this case, the run was advertised as a fundraiser for the Green New Deal. Now, rational people might gag every time they read those words, but having families come together for a cause they truly support isn’t the worst thing (even if the Green New Deal is).

Here’s where the story takes a darker turn. AOC and her staff lied about the fundraiser. It was not, in fact, to support the Green New Deal. Instead, all contributions at the event were earmarked specifically for AOC’s campaign funds. Everyone involved directly gave money to her 2020 campaign. That’s a pretty dirty move. More importantly, it was potentially illegal.

There are two laws that were likely violated by the event. The first is maximum donations. There’s a good chance that some of AOC’s biggest supporters were in attendance. If they had already given donations to her campaign, the event may have put them over the legal limit. That’s the nicer of the two infractions.

There’s a second campaign finance law that was likely violated, and it involves children. While children are not explicitly forbidden from donating to politicians, there are a lot of specific rules involved. The two that clearly come into play with the fun run are these: children have to knowingly and voluntarily donate to a campaign, and they have to be direct and complete owners of the donation. In other words, any child who was deceived by the advertising or who paid with their parents’ money violated campaign finance law.

We’re still not done. There’s one truth that shadows this story with more darkness than any of the others. Even though AOC is clearly the guilty party in these infractions, she’s not actually culpable by the law. Instead, the individual donors who unwittingly broke the law are liable for their participation. AOC will get off scot-free, even though she tricked children into breaking the law. That’s pretty dark — even for a wicked socialist.

More Finance Trouble

If you follow these things closely, you’ll know that this isn’t AOC’s first foray into violating finance rules. She’s currently under investigation for dealings during her 2018 campaign. Here’s a quick summary for anyone who isn’t familiar.

In the last election, AOC received a large donation from a company owned by the man who is now her chief of staff. That money was used to pay a different firm a large sum for consulting services that were never tracked. The “consultant” in that second firm is AOC’s boyfriend. To simplify, she used donor money to launder money to her boyfriend. She then gave that specific donor the most powerful position she had to offer.

It’s beyond ironic that these actions come at the hands of someone constantly clamoring to get money out of politics. Then again, when you actually review the policies she supports, you’ll see that it all serves her self-interest. AOC and the progressives don’t want to get money out of politics. They just want to attack groups and corporations that donate to Republicans. They’re perfectly happy continuing to support laundering schemes like what AOC has already performed.

Here’s the final takeaway. This fun run is just another example of how Ocasio-Cortez operates. She’s 100-percent selfish. All she wants is power and money. She’ll exploit anyone and anything she can to achieve those aims.

Author: Americanlibertyreport Staff

Source: Americanlibertyreport: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Just Committed Campaign Fraud. Again

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