Trump Effect Strikes Again! U.s. Steel Makes Huge Announcement

U.S. Steel is set to announce a $1 Billion Dollar Overhaul to its plant in Pittsburgh which will bolster steel production.

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According to new reports, US Steel is set to announce a $1 billion dollar overhaul to the Mon Valley Works plant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Thursday.

The move is expected to bolster US steel production, and comes as President Trump’s tariffs on imported steel, as well as other policies, have boosted US steel enterprises competitively.

“This will be the most innovative steel mill in the United States of America,” stated US Steel CEO Dave Burritt, adding, “This is great for our customers, and also positions the community [in Pittsburgh] for a very bright future for generations to come.”

Burritt went on to explain that “There is nobody in the United States that has this type of technology,” with the overhaul projected to be completed by 2022.

From Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

U.S. Steel plans to announce on Thursday that it will spend $1 billion to upgrade its Mon Valley Works, a move the company says will keep the region’s last integrated steel mill operating for decades to come.

The company will build a combined casting and rolling facility — the first of its kind at any American steel mill — and a cogeneration power plant. Put together, the combination aims to reduce emissions and increase the efficiency and sustainability of steelmaking in the Mon Valley.

The facilities, expected to be running by 2022, will also make the Mon Valley Works the Pittsburgh company’s central source of base material for high-strength, lightweight, flexible steel that feeds the automobile sector.

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Author: MAGA Student


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