Obama-Judge Orders Trump To Hand Them Over – So Donald Drops His Presidential Gavel

Nice try, Obama – here comes Trump!

Democrats have failed to find an excuse to impeach Trump over Russia. So, they’ve fallen back on a tactic that has failed time and again: his financials.

They have resorted to their usual method: abusing the courts to force their agenda.

But this time around, President Trump is dropping his presidential gavel on this Obama judge.

From The Hill:

President Trump on Monday said he would appeal a federal judge’s decision upholding a subpoena for his financial records, blasting it as a “crazy” ruling by “an Obama-appointed judge.”

BAM! Now that’s what I’m talking about. Fight this, Donald!

Sorry Democrats, but Trump is appealing your Obama-appointed judge’s ruling that he has to turn his financial records over to you.

Keep in mind, Democrats want you to believe Trump has somehow cheated on his taxes.

Even though he’s a billionaire who has been in the public eye for decades.

I mean, if he was cheating on his taxes, it would have come out years ago.

But every time the Left gets their hands on his financial records (usually years-old stuff), we find that Trump has done nothing wrong.

Patriots can rest easy knowing Trump has been honest about his money. But he doesn’t have to give over his private, confidential information over to Democrats who are looking for reasons to attack him.

Remember, this is the Left we’re talking about. The group that has insulted Trump’s children, demanded financial info on his grandchildren, and accused him of being a dictator

Would you hand over your private information to them? Of course not.

Democrats are trying to abuse the courts to get around the Constitution. And Donald needs to keep fighting them—with our support!

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Obama-Judge Orders Trump To Hand Them Over – So Donald Drops His Presidential Gavel

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