Congress Announces Social Security Cutoff, Retirement Changes Could Impact Millions

The Social Security cutoff is coming – much faster than anyone expected.

Social Security is in deep trouble. We all know that, but it’s worse than they’ve been telling us.

The government takes people’s hard-earned money to save for our retirement, right?

Turns out they waste it. They steal your hard-earned money to fund their Washington pet projects, and now the program is in danger.

We knew there’d be some tough decisions to make down the read, but a new report shows we’ve run out of road.

The cutoff date – when it becomes Social Security and Medicare become insolvent – is flying up on us like a deer in the road, and it will affect millions. From Twitter:

“BREAKING: Government: Medicare will become insolvent in 2026, three years earlier than expected, Social Security to follow in 2034.”

Three years sooner than expected? Why is no one talking about this? This cutoff is coming at everyday Americans like a freight train.

And who is going to be on the hook for it?

The politicians in Congress? Of course not. You, the American taxpayer, will have to pay for it.

How will that happen? The Daily Wire explains:

Either we will have to increase the payroll tax from its current 11.7% to something more like 14%, or we will have to cut cost-of-living adjustments, or we might have to simply confiscate cash from higher income-earners, or we might have to raise the retirement age, or we might have to tax benefits themselves.

In any case, things will get ugly.

Ugly. That about sums it up. Less Social Security benefits or more taxes – or BOTH.

Congressmen and women with no term limits and cushy jobs in D.C. are wasting our money and leaving many destitute in retirement.

Experts have been warning us of this problem, but Congress and past presidents have done nothing.

It’s up to President Trump to come up with a fix—one better than cutting benefits or raising taxes through the roof.

It’s time for Donald to step up and provide some commonsense solutions to keep America’s promise to our retirees without bankrupting their children and grandchildren.

But can it be done? Can Trump really come up with a deal to help everyone?

Author: Jon Brenner

Source: Patriot Journal: Congress Announces Social Security Cutoff, Retirement Changes Could Impact Millions

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