Border Crisis Explodes as Customs Makes Shocking Announcement

For almost a year, our border has been overwhelmed with migrant caravans. Late last year, President Trump called on Congress to find a solution. They’ve done nothing. Thousands of migrants are bombarding our border, many of them are trying to sneak across. CBP just made a horrible announcement, proving we are far from a solution.

One of the biggest reasons we have a crisis on the border is thanks to our broken immigration laws. “Catch-and-release,” a policy embraced by former President Obama, ensures that—even when an illegal alien is caught—they are rewarded and set free. All of the aliens who are caught trying to enter America illegally essentially get to stay.

In fact, those who apply for asylum (who aren’t qualified for it, but are still doing something legal) have to wait in Mexico. Eventually, they are declined and sent back home. But those who try to sneak over the border—and are caught—get to stay in America. Insane, right?

This is all thanks to your Democrats, who want to increase the number of illegal aliens in our country. All to skew our voting districts so they’ll never lose an election. They don’t care about the massive catastrophe they are causing to cities, states, and communities all across America.

This year alone we’ve seen record numbers of apprehensions at the border—numbering in the hundreds of thousands. All of those aliens will be released into the U.S., most likely never to appear for their court dates.

Now Customs has made a horrible announcement.

Today, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released its apprehension data for the month of May. And the numbers are wild. Specifically, CBP recorded a 32% increase over the already-record-breaking April apprehension numbers.

“CBP continues to face a worsening crisis at the Southwest border. In May, CBP apprehended or deemed inadmissible 144,278 individuals along the SWB—a 32% increase over the previous month.”

…That is double the number of apprehensions from just February, when CBP recorded 66,884 apprehensions. Going back to the beginning of the fiscal year in October 2018, CBP has recorded a staggering 160.52% increase in apprehensions recorded between points of entry in the first eight months of this fiscal year alone. [Source: Daily Wire]

The situation is not sustainable. More and more aliens are illegally entering our country. Thanks to our broken system, they get to stay. This trend is not going to stop. It’s only going to get worse.

Where do you think all these aliens will end up? Detention centers are full and legally, CBP has to release them into the country. If our laws weren’t broken, they would just be deported immediately. But the Democrats have made sure that anyone that crosses the border illegally gets to stay.

How long before our cities, towns, and rural communities are overrun with strangers? How long before once safe communities are destroyed, thanks to thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens invading?

Customs has caught more than 600,000 people since the beginning of this year along. That is higher than the population of most cities in our country. Do you want the government dropping off these criminals into your hometown? Do you want them rewarded for breaking the law—given jobs, housing, and government benefits?

The only way this will end is when Congress gets its act together. They need to fully fund the wall and change our broken immigration laws. Today, they refuse to do that, because Democrats will not cooperate with Trump and Republicans.

If this was any other time, with any other president, even Democrats would have to acknowledge this crisis. But they are so petty, so corrupt, so anti-America, they refuse to do what’s right to protect American citizens.

We need to raise the alarm. SHARE this story with everyone, to tell Congress to fix this crisis.

Otherwise, in a short time, there won’t be a United States.

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