Breaking: Mexico “Blinks” – Complying with Trump’s Demands

President Trump called out Mexico for not doing enough to stop the historic border crisis. To get them to cooperate, he threatened a serious of strict tariffs on Mexican goods. Democrats and other critics raged at the smart move. But it seems like Mexico is breaking.

The crisis at the border is beyond a problem. It is a crisis that is out of control. Hundreds of thousands of migrants are being apprehended trying to illegally enter the U.S. It’s possible that millions will be getting through in just a short time. Our country cannot handle such a massive flood of strangers.

Many more are demanding asylum, so much that they are overwhelming our system. Democrats in Congress have ignored the problem, refusing to come up with a plan to fix it once and for all. They also refuse to support Trump’s border wall plan and immigration reform—two things we desperately need.

President Trump called on Mexico to help end this crisis. As the go-between for many of these caravans, they could have easily stepped in and stopped them in their tracks. In fact, their Southern border is significantly smaller than our own. It would not have taken much to secure it, turning migrants away.

The president slammed Mexico, promising a serious of rising tariffs if they did not comply. Some Republicans and Democrats attacked the plan, claiming it would not work. But guess what?

With just days to go until the Trump administration is set to impose punishing tariffs on Mexico unless the country halts the unprecedented flow of illegal immigrants across the southern border, numerous signs that Mexico would capitulate emerged Thursday…

Reports in the evening indicated that Mexico’s negotiators with Washington have offered to immediately deploy 6,000 National Guard troops to the border with Guatemala. Additionally, Mexico has reportedly agreed to a major overhaul of reasonable asylum protocols, which would require asylum applicants to seek permanent refuge in the first country they arrive in after fleeing their home countries…

Also on Thursday, Mexico’s financial intelligence agency announced it had frozen the bank accounts of 26 people who it claimed “have presumably participated in migrant smuggling and the organization of illegal migrant caravans.” [Source: Fox News]

All that bellyaching from Democrats and “experts” and—what do you know—Trump was right again. Already Mexico is preparing to do much more to stem the tide of migrants making their way to America.

A deal hasn’t been reached yet. The White House hasn’t responded to Mexico’s offer. But the fact that Mexico is preparing to do something speaks volumes on Trump’s ability to get things done.

As Congress wastes time with endless accusations and pointless legislation, President Trump is actually tackling our nation’s problems. He is not willing to sit by and let the border crisis explode—more than it already has.

If Mexico makes good on its word, they will be providing resources and manpower to stop migrants from rushing toward our border. That would be significantly more than what our own Congress has done.

Which is nothing.

Think about it. Since the crisis started last Fall, Trump has put forward numerous plans and solutions. He’s sent the National Guard to supplement Border Patrol. He’s established new policies to slow the influx of asylum seekers. He’s scored funding through various means to build the wall. And now he’s threatened tariffs to get Mexico to help.

What has Congress done? Zero. Zilch. Nada. These overpaid clowns sit on their butts in D.C. and do nothing but attack the White House. They haven’t lifted a finger to end this crisis and keep Americans safe.

Maybe we need to clean house—get rid of every last congressman who refuses to put Americans first?

When Mexico is willing to do more to keep Americans safe than actual American leaders, something needs to change.

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