Never Trumpers Admit Defeat – Their “Last Best Hope” Gives Up

He was their final chance – but ‘The Donald’ has him running scared.

It’s crazy to think there are still NeverTrumpers among the GOP. But the fact was these goons were getting excited about what the Democrats could do to the president.

Now, not so much.

Why? Because their precious Mueller report did not give them any dirt to hurt Trump. No grounds for impeachment.

President Trump continues to dominate with a winning economy and policy. His approval is even sky-high.

And now, NeverTrumpers are waving the white flag.

From Washington Examiner:

Trump remains broadly popular with Republican voters, and one of the most formidable potential challengers, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, announced over the weekend he would forgo a 2020 bid.

Never Trump Republicans have all but given up on mounting a serious primary challenge to President Trump…

Boom! NeverTrump Republicans, the sad group that they are, admit they cannot find a primary challenger to take down Trump.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan was their best chance – but he knew he had no chance against Donald Trump.

Thanks to Trump’s thriving economy—and the end of the Russian hunt—the few swamp dwellers within the GOP have nothing.

How can they challenge a president who is scoring big for the country? The only shred of dirt Trump’s enemies had was Russian investigation.

We all know it would come to nothing, but now with Mueller’s report out, even his opponents must admit that.

It’s crazy to think there are still Republicans who oppose Trump’s agenda. But they have no grounds to challenge one of the most successful presidencies ever.

In fact, unless a president’s approval among his own party is below 75%, nobody can touch him. And Trump’s approval among Republicans is much, much higher. Over 90%!

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Never Trumpers Admit Defeat – Their “Last Best Hope” Gives Up, Throws In The Towel, Waves The White Flag

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