Trump Support Reaches All Time High – Silences Doubters

Trump’s chances of re-election look very promising, as supporters showed up in troves to see the President formally announce his 2020 campaign. Supporters traveled long distances and some even camped out in anticipation of seeing our great president speak. Sporting MAGA inspired attire, a sea of thousands of Trump fans stood in the blistering Florida heat for hours as they awaited his arrival so that they could show their support for him and his campaign.

“He kept his promises, he is passionate about America. He wants to keep us safe, I am tired of people hating on him. He is doing his best to defend us,” Alan Machapento, a New Jersey native, said. “I am watching the Dow, we have the lowest unemployment ever.”

Strong supporters Marcia Tracy and her teen grandson, Ashton Smith of South Jacksonville, awoke at the crack of dawn in anticipation of the momentous occasion when Trump was to announce he is seeking a second term. “From the moment he said he was running, I was a Trump fan,” Tracy enthused, stressing she was in no way disappointed with his performance. “He is not a politician, and I am so glad my grandson is going to grow up in an America that is great.” She believes in Trump and she knows he is a man of his word who kept his promise of bringing jobs back to America. “We all can proudly say things are made in America” again she said. Tracy expressed her biggest hope heading into 2020 is that Trump is able to “build the wall.”

Tracy’s grandson, Ashton, acknowledged the fact that at 15 he is too young to vote, but pointed out the positive impact that his involvement in these types of rallies have on him. He stated that they provide him the ability to “form his own opinions” and ponder what issues are important, particularly future job opportunities.

Supporters came ready to work, putting on display their full-fledged support for Trump. “Bikers For Trump” volunteer security members managed traffic in and out of the rally areas. Others wandered the blocks around the venue urging people to sign a petition to “prevent voter fraud.” Jacksonville native Donny expressed “Only U.S. citizens should be able to vote, that’s what we want in Florida.”

Pamela Simpson of Fort Pierce was rather impressed with Trump’s team’s efforts in terms of criminal justice reform. “There are a lot of mothers and women sitting in jail and they are (working on reforms),” she said. “We need to believe in America and we are on the right track. It is Congress that is not.”

Another Trump supporter who didn’t let the hot weather outweigh her passion for Trump was 80-year-old Barbara Miller who has been working since she was 13 years old and is a subsequent believer in promoting business.

In order to secure his next term, the president would almost certainly need to land Florida, which has long been considered one of the most strategic voter battlegrounds in America. While everything about Trump has been talked down upon by liberal media, attendees of the rally said they came out so they could make it clear that those views of the media are not indicative of how the whole country thinks and feels. “I am here for Trump, I love his attitude,” said Cherie Colgram, from Clermont, Fla. “He is making things happen, he is still working on the border issue. I’m voting for him again.”

With supporters like these Florida is a surefire victory for Trump in 2020, and with it, the entire election.

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