Harris To Drastically Change Trump’s Booming Economy

Taking a break from cannibalizing other members of her own party in Thursday night’s debate, Sen. Kamala Harris said Thursday night that the Trump economy is “not working for working people.”

Moderator Savannah Guthrie asked Harris if Democrats have a responsibility to explain how they will pay for their various “free” policy proposals. Harris dutifully avoided answering this question, instead responding with the comment on Trump’s economy where she cited GOP tax cuts as the issue. Never mind the fact that those same cuts helped two-thirds of American taxpayers, springing the U.S. economy into record breaking economic growth.

“Where was that question when the Republicans and Donald Trump passed a tax bill that benefits the top one percent and the biggest corporations in this country?” Harris asked.

“Working families need support and need to be lifted up, and frankly this economy is not working for working people. For too long the rules have been written in the favor of the people who have the most and not in favor of the people who work the most, which is why I am proposing that we change the tax code.” Harris Continued.

She said she would make it so a family making less than $100,000 could collect $500 a month, which will, she says, give them the ability to get through the end of the month with “dignity.”

“One day one I will repeal that tax bill, which benefits the one percent and the biggest corporations,” she added. Apparently when answering this, Harris was concussed from the beat down that was taking place on stage, as Trump’s tax cuts have only HELPED the working class American.

As reported by Breitbart News:

“Two-thirds of American taxpayers will pay less in taxes for their 2018 earnings, according to the independent Tax Policy Center. Eighty-one percent of the middle one-fifth of income earners received a tax cut. Just 5.5 percent of households got a tax hike of $100 or more—and most of those were in the upper-income tax brackets.

Yet far from celebrating their lower tax bills as they prepared to file for the April 15th deadline, many Americans remain convinced they got no tax cut at all—or even that their taxes went up. An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll in April showed that just 17 percent of Americans believe their taxes have been cut. A shocking 28 percent say they believe their taxes went up. Other surveys have consistently found that less than one-third of Americans think they got a tax cut.”

Even left leaning companies like Starbucks and Disney have admitted the tax cuts helped.

“The coffee chain joins some 200 American corporations that are already raising wages thanks to a corporate tax cut signed into law by President Trump last month. Starbucks, a mega-corporation with a far-left worldview, has now joined a handful of other far-left corporations — Apple and Disney — in validating the idea that tax cuts benefit everyone, or what is known as trickle-down economics.

Additionally, after the announcement of the tax cuts, businesses across the country gave employees significant bonuses, citing the cuts.”

Sticking to their pre-scripted rhetoric, Democrat candidates made similar claims about the Trump economy last night. However, Breitbart News reported: “Bureau of Labor Statistics’ employment data have shown significant income growth for working-class Americans.”

This economy has been great for everyone. Unemployment is low in all industries and has reached all-time lows for minorities.

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