AOC Takes Shot at Ivanka, Gets Wrecked by Sarah Sanders

If anyone questioned Sarah Sanders’ loyalty after leaving the administration, put those fears to rest. After President Trump attended the G20 summit, bringing his daughter along to serve a diplomat and leader, career clown AOC slammed her on Twitter. Sanders fired back, putting the so-called congresswoman to shame.

It’s no secret that Ivanka Trump is a major player in her father’s administration. She is an advisor to his White House and is a leader among many of the president’s initiatives—specifically in the areas of work opportunity for women.

Ivanka has worked with her father long before he became president. She is a highly-skilled and trained professional who was also an integral part of his campaign. Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner have accomplished great things for the president and the country.

I’m not at all surprised Trump brought Ivanka with him to the G20 summit. A major event like that requires the president to have his best and brightest on hand. Top on that list includes his daughter. Ivanka—much like First Lady Melania—has a reputation for wowing people of all backgrounds with her poise and intelligence.

Any administration would be lucky to have Ivanka working for it, I’m sure you’ll agree.

But pathetic joke of a congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t agree. This woman, who has done nothing for her district or country, has a reputation for spewing nonsense and attacking real leaders online. She decided to slam Trump for bringing Ivanka along on the G20 summit.

Ocasio-Cortez called out Ivanka and said on Twitter that “being someone’s daughter actually isn’t a career qualification.”

“It hurts our diplomatic standing when the President phones it in & the world moves on. The US needs our President working the G20. Bringing a qualified diplomat couldn’t hurt either,” the freshman representative continued.

Ivanka represented the U.S. in meetings with leaders from China, Japan, Russia, India and Australia during the summit in Osaka, the South China Morning Post reported. [Source: Fox News]

What are Ivanka’s qualifications again? Oh right, she is a graduate of Georgetown University, is an accomplished model, businesswoman, and now advisor to the President of the United States. Yeah, looks like she has quite a few accomplishments to her list.

What was AOC’s qualifications before becoming a congresswoman? She was a bartender. Oh.

This is yet another example of how uninformed, ignorant, and out-of-touch AOC is. She knows nothing about the issues she talks about. She slanders people actually doing good for the country. She is completely unqualified to lead.

Sarah Sanders struck back with a comment that simply humiliated the New York rep.

Sanders, who just recently stepped down from her role at the White House, said “phone it in @AOC is wasting your time on Twitter while destroying jobs in NY.” She said President Trump and Ivanka have created “millions of new jobs and continue to make the US stronger on the global stage but thank you for reminding Americans everyday why they elected Trump.” [Source: Fox News]

Ouch. I bet AOC was smarting after that. The only thing the newbie congresswoman has accomplished was preventing Amazon from investing billions in New York. The company was going to build a part of its “HQ2” in Long Island City. The project would have brought billions of dollars to New York, not to mention provide numerous jobs.

AOC helped kill that deal, forcing Amazon to enrich some other state. This Democrat has zero victories during her time in office. She has only made a fool of herself—when not insulting hard-working Americans.

Perhaps she should think twice next time she wants to insult women who are doing far more than she ever will. Perhaps she should learn a thing or two from Ivanka and work on becoming an effective leader, not a shallow mouthpiece for the radical left.

But something tells me she won’t learn a thing—until she’s voted out of office.

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