Trump Makes History In North Korea

President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un made history on Sunday, as Trump became the first U.S. President to step foot in North Korea.

The two leaders rejoiced at this new milestone they had reached as Trump took 20 steps into North Korea to cement himself into the history books with a powerful handshake with Kim Jong Un. The handshake occurred at around 3:45 P.m. local time after Trump passed over a low stone curb separating the North and the South.

The two also shared 50-minute closed doors meeting in the Demilitarized zone, a return to in person meets between the two leaders after talks came to a halt during a summit in Vietnam in February. Speaking to reporters afterward, Trump said that the two leaders had agreed to revive talks on the pariah nation’s nuclear program.

The president said, “speed is not the object” in trying to reach a deal but noted he believes both sides want to get the job done. “We’re looking to get it right,” Trump said.

Talks between the U.S. and North Korea had mostly broken down since the Hanoi summit, which ended without a deal. North Korea has hesitated at Trump’s insistence that it give up its nuclear ambitions before it sees relief from crushing international sanctions. The U.S. has said the North must submit to “complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization” before sanctions are lifted.

At some point during the negotiation, things can happen,” the president told reporters, adding that he suggested Kim could visit Washington, D.C., during their discussions.

Trump says he told Kim that, “at the right time, you’re going to come over” and that that could be “any time he wants to do it.” He added that he “would certainly extend the invite” and that, “at some point” it will happen.

Trump described this momentous occasion as “a great day for the world.”

Inside the “Freedom House” on the South Korean side of the zone, Trump and Kim were joined by the president’s daughter and son-in-law, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

Pope Francis praised the meeting on Sunday. According to Reuters, he said he prays “such a significant gesture will be a further step on the road to peace, not only on that peninsula, but for the good of the entire world.”

This event put on full display the stark difference between the relationship Trump has been able to build with North Korea in such a short time, and what Obama did in 8 years in office. Obama’s presence at the DMZ was only from behind a thick, bulletproof glass as he did nothing to ease tensions between the tow nations during his time as President.

AP Photo/ Susan Walsh

Spiteful Democrats were quick to denounce this enormous advancement for U.S./North Korean relations, writing it off as simply a “photo opportunity.”

Democrats, who likely would be to afraid to even visit North Korea, went as far as to say that the President was “coddling” dictators, a laughable accusation.

Former Vice President and Democratic Frontrunner Joe Biden’s camp decided they should comment on this matter.

“President Trump’s coddling of dictators at the expense of American national security and interests is one of the most dangerous ways that he’s diminishing us on the world stage and subverting our values as a nation,” Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates said.

Bates added that Trump’s “conduct reinforces that we urgently need a president who can restore our standing in the world, heal relationships with key allies Trump has alienated and delivered real change for the American people.”

The rhetoric coming from Biden’s campaign is nonsensical, considering that with Biden in the white house for 8 years, we saw a United States that was at its weakest global standing ever. He was part of an administration that openly feared and backed down from threats like North Korea, and even sometimes was so fearful of rival countries that they gave them billions of dollars rather than finding a diplomatic solution.

Trump has proven himself a much more capable leader than any of the others in the running for President heading into the next election. He has accomplished much more in his short time in office than any of the career politicians have in decades serving. This alone should be enough to earn him a landslide victory in 2020.

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