FBI Raids Home of Top Democrat In AG Barr’s Investigation

We’ve been waiting – now Barr is dropping the bar on Democrats.

What do you know? Another day, another Democrat in deep trouble – and Barr’s making him pay!

When President Trump announced his new attorney general would be William Barr, patriots across America got excited.

Unlike the last AG, Barr is a bulldog. He’s a tough prosecutor whose appearance promised a quick draining of the swamp.

Well, we’ve been waiting. And it looks like our patience has finally paid off.

Because Barr’s agents just took down one major D.C. swamper.

From The Hill:

FBI agents raided the home of D.C. councilman Jack Evans (D) on Friday, a day after a confidential memo made public alleged that Evans “knowingly” violated ethics rules to benefit his friends and clients instead of serving the interests of Washington’s transit agency, Metro.

Hear that Evans? That’s the sound of swift justice!

D.C. Councilman Jack Evans (a Democrat) just had his house raided by federal authorities.

Turns out Mr. Evans was abusing “his position for business gains.” His relationship with clients raised serious questions.

Serious enough for federal agents to raid his house in the wee hours of the morning.

This doesn’t look good for Evans, who used his home address for his “consulting company.”

You know what that means? Yep. All his paperwork was in that house. Now, it’s in the hands of AG Barr and his boys.

According to the feds, Evans helped out his buddies with special favors, instead of helping the people of D.C.

Looks like Evans knowingly committed serious ethical violations.

Pretty terrible, but it’s getting more and more common in D.C. These politicians are elected to office because they promise to help Americans.

But, more often than not, these Democrats are cashing in their influence for big-time paydays.

It’s a tune we’ve heard over and over again. But now, it looks like something’s actually being done about it.

Now, Mr. Barr, on to the big fish…

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: AG Barr Drains The Washington Swamp – FBI Raids Top Democrat In Federal Investigation

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