Disgraced Republican Makes Big Plans — Conservatives Laughs in His Face

Michigan Rep. Justin Amash destroyed his career when he tried to bash the president. The Republican called for Trump’s impeachment. It cost him his role in the Freedom Caucus, the respect of his colleagues and voters, and his place in the GOP, and soon his seat. But the turncoat ignores the writing on the wall, as he makes plans to run for this office.

Get ready to laugh.

Justin Amash was a little-known representative from Michigan. It’s obvious he wanted some attention from the left-wing media. After the Mueller report came out, clearing Trump of collusion and obstruction, Amash jumped on Twitter. As Republicans celebrated Trump’s victory, Amash had a different reaction.

The so-called conservative said Trump committed impeachable offences. Big mistake. Not only did the Mueller report find no evidence that Trump (or any American) colluded with Russia, it made it clear that there was nothing to support the left’s claim that Trump tried to obstruct justice.

Yet this Republican broke from his party, turned on one of the most-successful conservative presidents, all to win a few brownie points from the left.

How did that turn out? Oh yeah, Amash was ostracized by his colleagues, kicked off the Freedom Caucus, and now will lose his seat to a Trump-supporting Republican. He has even been shamed out of the GOP—not at all surprising.

It’s a long shot that Amash will ever hold a seat again—especially his current one. But during an interview on CNN (imagine my shock), he said he wouldn’t rule out this kind of run.


Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, who announced July 4 that he is leaving the Republican party, said Sunday that he is not ruling out a run for president.

“I still wouldn’t rule anything like that out,” Amash told CNN’s Jake Tapper when asked if he is considering a presidential bid…

“I believe that I have to use my skills, my public influence where it serves the country best. And I believe I have to defend the Constitution in whatever way works best,” Amash said Sunday. [Source: Daily Caller]

Not a big surprise that Amash is talking to CNN’s biggest boob, Jake Trapper. I doubt any other network would bother to give this clown the time of day.

But let’s get this straight. After ruining his career and reputation among conservatives, stabbing the president in the back and getting kicked out of the party, Amash thinks he can run for president?

Does he not realize he has zero supporters? Republicans don’t want to touch him—he betrayed the one man making America great again. The list of conservative accomplishments achieved by Trump in his first two years is staggering. Only a fool would turn their back on him.

Democrats aren’t going to support this guy. Until recently, he supported many conservative ideas. In fact, he was practically a libertarian in his views. The modern left is the polar opposite. Democrats turned on freedom and liberty in support of socialism and massive government overreach. They would never support a man like Amash.

Yet this buffoon thinks he can run for president as an Independent! Does he even know how elections work? You need supporters to run for office, Justin. And after your shameful, greedy, and un-American behavior, I can’t imagine anyone backing you now.

All of this was by design. Remember, he was a nobody representative until a few months ago. Instead of working hard to make America great, he thought he could take a shortcut to fame by attacking the president.

He thought by calling for Trump’s impeachment, he’d win over liberals and the media. Instead, he lost his place in the GOP. Still, he thinks he’s getting enough attention that he could salvage his career.

Sorry, Amash. Patriots want hard-working leaders to run the country. Not con men who lie and stab their leaders in the back. You milked your betrayal for as much as it was worth. Now, we’re going to move on.

Americans deserve much better leaders than you.

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