He Bashed the President Now He’s out of a Job

News came out last week that the UK ambassador to the United States, Sir Kim Darroch, had insulted the President of the United States. The left-wing media jumped on the story, hyping it up into a hurricane. President Trump responded. Now, the man tasked with strengthening our two nations is facing the music.

What is the job of an ambassador? To represent his country on foreign land. A good diplomat or ambassador fosters a healthy relationship with their host country. Thanks to his efforts, they can craft new trade agreements or deals. The two countries can thrive, through mutual cooperation.

But what if an ambassador is exposed as calling the leader of the other country “dysfunctional,” “clumsy,” and “incompetent”? Well, you can’t expect a man like that to have a job for very long.

Those are the words used by British Ambassador to the United States about Donald Trump. Notes he had written, slandering the president, leaked last week. The liberal media, always eager to slam Trump, circulated the news—turning it into an all-out media storm.

It’s pretty shocking that a man who is supposed to developing support from the United States would so vilely attack our president. I’m not sure he didn’t deliberately leak those notes, hoping the news would undermine President Trump and give the UK and upper hand in future negotiations.

It’s no secret that increasingly left-wing England disagrees with Trump’s America first agenda. Much of the news in England is overwhelmingly anti-Trump and anti-American. Perhaps Darroch thought he would receive praise and respect for joining in with the left to bash our president. Now, he’s fallen as far as you can.

The controversial British Ambassador to the United States whose caustic remarks about President Donald Trump were leaked to the media at the weekend has resigned from his post…

Sir Kim had been the target of some displeasure by President Trump since his remarks on the Presidency were leaked over the weekend. Breitbart London reported yesterday on the President calling Darroch a “wacky… pompous fool” who the United States would no longer deal with. This position was evidenced Tuesday by the ambassador being disinvited to a series of events, and a planned trade discussion between the U.S. and UK being cancelled altogether. [Source: Brietbart]

It’s pretty tragic that a man tasked as an ambassador can’t even find a way to cooperate with the United States government. After all, an ambassador is supposed to be skilled in working with foreign nations, even ones different from their own.

Darroch’s comments were unprofessional, crass, insulting, and undiplomatic. A man in his position should have known better.

What’s pretty telling is that the man never apologized to the president—nor the American people—for his ugly mischaracterization of our leader. In his resignation, he whined about how hard it was for him to serve—since his own words were leaked. He defended himself in backwards shot to our country. Not once did he admit he was wrong for insulting president.

Wow. Talk about arrogance. This man had the audacity to insult the Leader of the Free World, but couldn’t bother to admit his own faults when resigning. Even though he’s resigning because of his own foolish actions.

Something tells me Darroch was never fit to be an ambassador. His lack of character and rudeness is pretty obvious. You can’t negotiate and work with a foreign country if you care more about your own image and popularity.

President Trump and the administration was right to cancel events and discussions with this man. How can you negotiate in good faith with someone who’s bashed you behind your back? Trump should have sent Darroch back home—on a catapult!

More and more we see England—one of our oldest allies—turning their backs on us. While Asia and Middle Eastern nations roll out the red carpet for our president, Great Britain can’t even bother show him the least bit of respect. They even send us ambassadors who talk trash.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be working hard to curry their favor, anymore.

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