After Trump Promises Weekend Raids, He Drops Early Hammer On Sanctuary State

They thought he was coming Sunday – they never saw Donald coming!

President Trump is done playing games. After delaying them for a week, he is set to conduct ICE raids this weekend.

ICE confirmed they would start raids to deport people on Sunday. These are folks who were ordered by a judge to leave the country—so they have no excuse.

Some patriots were surprised about the announcement. After all, this gives away the element of surprise.

But—surprise!—it was a ruse all along. One sanctuary state is reeling from Trump’s masterstroke.

From KRON 4:

While the focus is on upcoming weekend ICE raids, immigration attorneys in the Bay Area say those raids have already begun…

Attorneys say these raids are already underway in the Bay Area, beginning in Contra Costa County this past Sunday.

Ha! ICE has already been conducting raids in the San Francisco Bay Area. As early as last Sunday!

This should come as no surprise. President Trump loves to keep his enemies guessing. It’s not as if he was going to openly declare what ICE was going to do.

That would have given criminals trying to evade the law a chance to flee.

ICE learned not to give liberal leaders a heads up about their plans after the mayor of Oakland warned entire communities about raids last year.

So now, the gloves are off and ICE is going to work—without liberals and activist lawyers trying to stop them.

Immigration lawyers are panicking. These attorneys make it their jobs to help outsiders over American citizens. They actually help people ordered to leave to stick around.

Not a big surprise they are outraged that ICE is actually enforcing the law and deporting these people.

Sorry folks, but time’s up.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: After Trump Promises Weekend Raids, He Drops Early Hammer On Sanctuary State

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