Deregulation Explodes Under Trump, 13 Regulations Killed For Every New One, $33B Saved

It was an odd, geeky campaign promise for a populist presidential candidate to make. But when Donald Trump in 2016 pledged to kill two Obama-era regulations for every new one, crowds went wild.

Those cheers stuck with him when he moved into the White House, and he put his promise into an executive order. And now as he opens his reelection campaign, Russ Vought, acting budget office director, has delivered the results sure to win even more rally cheers.

“We’ve hit 13 to 1,” he told a Heritage Foundation conference on federalism. And cutting so many regulations, he added, has saved taxpayers $33 billion.

Departments and agencies including the departments of Labor, Education, Agriculture, and the Environmental Protection Agency have led the war on regulations, according to federal reports.

Mick Mulvaney, the acting White House chief of staff, said that President Trump has a builder’s approach to regulations and federalism.

“It is the best kind because it is real and it’s born of real world experience,” said the former House member.

“The president has it because he had to go and pull a permit to build a building and deal with bureaucracy and doesn’t like that and knows why that impedes growth and impedes development, impedes creativity,” said Mulvaney.

“It’s an extraordinarily common sense approach,” he added.

Referring to the president when he was a developer, Mulvaney added, “I have to get a permit from this local bureaucracy, and this state bureaucracy and this federal bureaucracy and why do I have to do I have to do that? Why isn’t one of them enough? And why is somebody in Washington, D.C., telling me what kind of building I can build in Atlantic City, New Jersey.”

Author: Paul Bedard

Source: Washington Examiner: Deregulation explodes under Trump, 13 regulations killed for every new one, $33B saved

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