Trump’s New Intel Pick Has Obama Worried – Blows His Closet Of Skeletons Wide Open

Donald’s got a new bulldog, and he’s going after Barry!

President Trump’s Director for National Intelligence handed in his resignation this weekend—but don’t worry!

The president already has a replacement ready: Rep. John Ratcliffe.

This guy was a rockstar during the Mueller hearing, posing probing questions to the former special counsel and exposing many problems with his testimony.

Now he will be overseeing our national intelligence. That’s good news.

And it gets better: Ratcliffe is wasting no time putting the fear of God into Obama and his old officials.

What for? Oh, just that little wiretapping incident during the 2016 Election.

From Washington Examiner:

A top Republican investigator said accountability is coming for any of those individuals who may have committed crimes during the Trump-Russia investigation…

John Ratcliffe… stressed that it is clear crimes were committed by people during the Obama administration, including government officials.

Uh-oh! Looks like Ratcliffe knows plenty about what went on during the Obama administration! And he’s calling on AG Barr and Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz to go after those who broke the law.

It looks like Obama’s DOJ and FBI used a phony dossier to acquire a warrant to spy on Donald Trump’s campaign.

More details have come out about how his administration tried to trap members of Trump’s team. They were probably hoping they’d find somebody to turn against Donald Trump.

Or to find some kind of dirt to leak to the press, dooming Trump’s chances of winning.

Whatever the case may be, we now have several top Trump officials talking about how the Russian investigation was handled improperly.

Barr made that clear, which is why he opened the probe. Now the new Director for National Intelligence—a man who knows a thing or two—is saying it’s clear crimes were committed.

And that they will be prosecuted for it.

He even said that government officials—Obama’s top brass—may have broken the law. All to hurt Trump and help Hillary win.

And just to think, these are the same Democrats who accused Trump of trying to steal the election. All along they were trying to steal it for Clinton.

You better believe heads are going to roll and soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if, in the coming weeks or months, Barr will drop a hammer on the left.

And we’ll all be front row to watch!

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Trump’s New Intel Pick Has Obama Worried – Blows His Closet Of Skeletons Wide Open

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