Sanctuary State Takes Away Top Constitutional Right From Citizens In The Dead Of Night

Our rights are slipping away – and a leading sanctuary state is taking the lead!

Democrats are trying to push socialism in every corner of the country, but they’re hiding an important secret.

There’s a high cost to this system: the elimination of your rights.

They don’t care that this will make Americans weaker, more vulnerable, and less free. All they care about is taking power from you and giving it to themselves.

Which why the governor of a major sanctuary state just signed this bill into law.

From Fox News:

A new law in New York extends the waiting period for certain gun purchases from three days to 30 days…

Cuomo and Democratic lawmakers said the extended background check will give law enforcement the time it needs to complete a thorough investigation, reported.

Really? New York needs 10 times longer to determine if a citizen can own a firearm?

In our opinion, this law is criminal. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the bill, and he’s got a lot to answer for.

It’s already incredibly hard to purchase guns in New York City. Now the liberal swamp is oozing to the rest of the state, even to areas where owning a firearm is necessary to defend your home.

Much of New York is in the mountains, where wild animals are frequent. Residents who wish to defend their family will now have to wait 30 days if the instant background check fails.

According to the governor, he wants a “thorough” investigation to take place before New York State decides if you’re worthy to defend your family.

Um, I’m sorry. The Second Amendment says nothing about waiting for the government to say if it’s okay for you to bear arms.

In fact, the Second Amendment clearly forbids the government from prohibiting your ability to own a firearm.

Yet today, in New York, you are treated like some kind of criminal, just because you want to exercise your Second Amendment rights.

Democrats in the sanctuary state—who protect criminal aliens over Americans—claim this law will be able to keep them out of the hands of bad people.

Give me a break. Gun laws never stopped criminals from getting them through other means. They only make sure that law-abiding citizens have a harder time acquiring something that could save their lives.

But it seems Cuomo and his liberal goons don’t care about New Yorker’s safety. They’ll continue to chip away at their rights until there’s nothing left.

What’s next, Andrew, freedom of speech? No, how about freedom of religion?

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Sanctuary State Takes Away Top Constitutional Right From Citizens In The Dead Of Night

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