Trump Calls out Dems During Debate—Sends Powerful Message

There was yet another Democratic primary debate last night. 2020 hopefuls mounted the stage, arguing, bickering, and demanding the spotlight. More and more far-left proposals were thrown out, even as the candidates attacked each other—and former President Obama. But Trump was on hand to put them all to shame, as he made a clear distinction between himself and those running on the left.

Another debate, another chance to see candidates desperately clawing at each other. Honestly, why does America have to sit through more of these spectacles? Does anyone think that candidates polling at 1% or less should have airtime? No thanks, Beto (and so many others), we’ve heard enough. You’d think the party would have culled the herd by now.

But the mainstream media—run by Democrats—want to force their agenda on us. They are determined to get rid of Donald Trump and think one of these clowns can take the White House. So (some) Americans had to sit through a fourth night of debating.

It was an odd and off-putting event—interrupted at times by protestors. The Democrats simply fired off rehearsed attack lines, refusing to truly discuss their differences and issues. That’s what political dialogue has been reduced to on the left. But what else can you expect from a group that uses things like the race card to get out of being criticized?

As people with nothing better to do watched the debate unfold, President Trump trolled the Democrats on Twitter. He responded to the debates by calling out the candidates and the damage they’d cause to the country—if they ever reached the White House.

President Trump late Wednesday tweeted a response to CNN’s Democratic debate and said none of the candidates would keep up what he sees as momentum in the country.

“The people on the stage tonight, and last, were not those that will either Make America Great Again or Keep America Great!” Trump began in a series of tweets around midnight. “Our Country now is breaking records in almost every category, from Stock Market to Military to Unemployment. We have prosperity & success like never before..” the president continued.

“…It will soon be time to choose to keep and build upon that prosperity and success, or let it go. We are respected again all around the world. Keep it that way! I said I will never let you down, and I haven’t. We will only grow bigger, better and stronger TOGETHER!,” Trump said. [Source: Fox News]

It’s kind of hilarious to think that anyone on the left could have a better impact on the country than Donald Trump. Just look at the proposals these Democrats are pushing. Medicare for All, which would cost the U.S. $32 trillion. Environmental regulation modeled on the Green New Deal, which would cost some states quadrillions of dollars.

They want to decriminalize illegal entry into the United States. They want to give free health insurance to illegal immigrants. These Democrats want to raise taxes, increase government spending, cripple businesses and jobs, all the while putting illegals ahead of American citizens.

Meanwhile, in just two-and-a-half years, Trump has transformed the country. He’s lowered taxes, slashed regulation, and landed trade deals that have brought back jobs. The unemployment rate has hit record lows. More Americans are getting off welfare and food stamps.

Right now, there are more jobs open than people willing to work! When have we ever seen that, under a Democratic president?

Donald Trump is right. America can keep moving forward, seeing our country thrive and reach new heights. Or we can go back to the Dark Ages, when big government bullied hard-working Americans. An age when we watched our rights slip through our fingers. An age worse than any we’ve seen before, thanks to Democrats giving away our country to outsiders.

Really, it’s a no-brainer. President Trump is doing more for this country than few presidents ever hand. Those clowns on the debate stage are just more establishment politicians—who are in it for themselves.

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