Trump Destroys Leftist Narrative with More Sanctions on Russia

President Donald Trump has levied more sanctions on Russia in response to a chemical attack on a former spy and his daughter on British soil last year.

According to Yahoo News, Trump issued an executive order on Thursday that packs another round of punishment on the Kremlin, which has taken no responsibility for its actions.

The news prompted a Russian lawmaker to claim it’s now less likely for U.S.-Russian relations to normalize. That doesn’t seem like a terrible thing.

In 2018, former Russian spy and British double agent Sergei Skripal was found on a park bench with his daughter in the United Kingdom. Both were unconscious after being exposed to a powerful nerve agent.

After weeks in critical condition, both made full recoveries.

The poisoning had more collateral consequences, though. A police officer became sick after exposure, and a local man and his girlfriend became severely ill after coming across the discarded chemical. The woman later died.

At the time, the attack sparked a diplomatic crisis that resulted in escalated tensions between Russia and the Western world. The first round of sanctions from the United States arose out of the controversy, as the Department of State determined that the poisoning met the requirements of a chemical attack.

This new order comes after a bipartisan effort from Congress to persuade the president to increase Russia’s punishment.

In a letter to the president, Democratic New York Rep. Eliot Engel, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs committee, and ranking Republican Rep. Mike McCaul of Texas urged Trump to act after the state department said they could not be sure that Russia would cease attacks like these.

And Trump obliged, countering the left’s narrative that he is in Putin’s back pocket.

We’ve seen that the left loves to label Trump a Russian stooge. It’s been getting old for a while, yet they still persist.

Ever since we learned about Russian interference in the 2016 election (which didn’t affect the actual voting process), the left has been clamoring to blame the president.

When their anointed one, former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, released his report on his investigation into the interference, he explicitly stated that he did not conclude that Trump had committed a crime.

The conspiracy charge was absolutely baseless, and Trump’s iffy behind-the-scenes behavior did little to warrant an obstruction of justice charge.

The furor came to a head with Mueller’s testimony in front of two House committees on July 24.

Although the snooze-fest didn’t bring the spectacle that the Democrats were looking for, they put on their tin foil hats and claimed it was a success anyway.

Unfortunately, news like this will likely fall on deaf ears in the leftist camp. To them, Trump will always be a puppet, and they will stop at nothing to to throw him out.

Author: Cade Almond

Source: Western Journal: Trump Destroys Leftist Narrative with More Sanctions on Russia

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