AOC in Hot Water as Federal Investigation May End Her Career

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has had a bad track record in Congress. The freshman lawmaker has put forward bad one idea after another, when she’s not blatantly slandering her rivals. But it looks like she has bigger problems, in the form of her chief of staff. The man was forced to resign last week, as the feds come knocking on their doors.

It’s not a stretch to say that AOC is a laughing stock. The woman was once called the “future” of the Democratic Party. But, truth be told, she embodies everything wrong about the next generation. She’s outspoken, but uninformed. She embraces hype and misinformation. When she’s proven to be wrong, she refuses to apologize or admit her failures.

Everything she’s done in Congress has been to the detriment of her district and the country. You probably know about her “Green New Deal” an environmental proposal so terrible, it would bankrupt every state and the country. But you might not know that AOC’s meddling cost New York a huge deal with Amazon. The city lost billions of dollars and thousands of jobs.

And it was all AOC’s fault.

Yet, aside from her terrible leadership in D.C., she has bigger problems. Turns out, her chief of staff—a man who helped run her campaign—had received serious FEC complaints. Now the federal government is looking into a few shady deals he ran for AOC. It’s so bad, he had to resign from her staff just to create some distance.

AOC is, once again, making excuses. But she might not get away with it this time.

The controversial chief of staff for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., who resigned on Friday is currently being investigated by federal officials, a new report says.

Saikat Chakrabarti faced a complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission in March for alleged violations having to do with illegal fundraising. An investigation is currently underway, sources told the New York Post. According to the FEC, complaints only lead to investigations if there is enough evidence for them to believe there may have been a violation…

Chakrabarti and Ocasio-Cortez were hit with another complaint in April over accusations that they used Brand New Congress LLC to illegally provide in-kind political contributions by offering consulting services for cheap rates, operating at a loss by only charging candidates a portion of the costs. [Source: Fox News]

Oh boy, this is bad. You can screw the American people over as much as you want and the federal government won’t care. But cheat at campaign financing? You better look out! Cuz Uncle Sam will come for you.

According to reports Chakrabarti funnels over $885,000 from his PACs to private companies (he owns) for “strategic consulting.” More than that, both Chakrabarti and AOC are being hit with complaints that they used Brand New Congress LLC to score political contributions in exchange for cheaper services. A quid-pro-quo type of situation.

Worse than that, it seems Chakrabarti was earning less as AOC’s chief of staff, so he could hide where his money was coming from—from the FEC.

This all suggests the two were running some kind of scam to line their own pockets. Or at least Chakrabarti was. But you have to wonder how he could have been breaking the law—moving large sums of money—without AOC knowing about it.

Either she is totally stupid or she was in on the scheme.

Of course, in response, AOC said this was “conservative interest groups just filing bogus proposals.” What? Does she know that the FEC isn’t a conservative interest group? It’s a federal agency. They wouldn’t be leading an investigation unless there was real cause. They must have found evidence of crime, or this wouldn’t be happening.

Maybe, AOC, you should come instead of making excuses.

AOC has been a train wreck in Congress—damaging the Democratic Party beyond repair. If it turns out she or her staffer has broken the law, she will end up leaving Congress in disgrace.

Can’t say I’m at all surprised.

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