Black Voters Destroy Media’s ‘Trump Is Racist’ Narrative in Viral Video: ‘He Needs To Be Going Up on Mt. Rushmore’

No matter how many times President Donald Trump’s critics call him racist, it falls on deaf ears in segments of our black communities.

A video posted July 31 on YouTube reflects the strong support Trump has among black Americans who aren’t afraid to think for themselves and speak up in the bargain.

“He’s gonna go down as the greatest president of all time,” one of the conservative comedians known as the Hodge Twins said in the video, which includes #iSupport45 superimposed on its center. His brother added, “[Trump] needs to be going up on Mt. Rushmore.”

The siblings have made quite a name for themselves on Twitter, where they often defend the president from baseless claims that he’s a white supremacist because of a comment Trump made after the fateful violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017.

One black man in the compilation YouTube video pointed out that Trump “has brought in record-low black unemployment.”

Yet another speaker referred to Trump’s pre-2016 days when he said to the camera, “No, he’s not a racist.Was he a racist when he was hanging out with Snoop Dogg back in the day? Was he a racist when he was hanging out with Al Sharpton?”

Those positive remarks about our commander in chief fly in the face of other public figures’ opinions — including those of singer John Legend and Maryland Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings, both of whom are black — and those in the establishment media.

Legend had the audacity to assert to TMZ that Trump is a “flaming racist” and stacked the name-calling high without offering any explanation or proof.

Other celebrities such as Caucasian actor Jeff Daniels are known for airing their batch of grievances and taking unfounded race-related shots at Trump and his supporters.

Members of the media enable such Hollywood elites and provide the public outlet to make them heard. They should all have to watch and listen to their fellow Americans in the pro-Trump viral video.

Perhaps nobody therein did a finer job of calling out non-white politicians than the bearded black man wearing a Make America Great Again Hat and a Trump ’16 shirt.

“People of color are so sensitive that they cannot take President Trump responding back to their ignorance and cannot take President Trump responding back to them forcefully, then they need to leave Congress,” he said.

But I saved for last the best quote, voiced from a modest-looking black man sitting in a vehicle who declared that Trump’s enemies favor identity politics over bipartisan resolutions.

“The Democrats don’t want to respond with correcting the problem. All they want to do is call everyone a racist that do not agree with them,” the man said.

Author: James Luksic

Source: Western Journal: Black Voters Destroy Media’s ‘Trump Is Racist’ Narrative in Viral Video: ‘He Needs To Be Going Up on Mt. Rushmore’

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