He’s Trying to Impeach Trump, Now He Faces a Serious Battle for His Seat

For years, Democrats have tried to convince us Trump and the GOP are unstable and falling apart. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Democrats are rapidly losing ground among Americans. They continue to fight among themselves as the party splinters. Now, a top House Democrat bent on impeachment is facing a battle for his own seat—from another Democrat.

Let’s face the facts, if it weren’t for the mainstream media, there’d be no Democratic Party today. Americans are growing sick and tired of the left’s schemes. After two-and-a-half years of lies and slander against the president, the Democrats’ reputation is in the toilet. Without the constant support from the likes of CNN or the New York Times, nobody would have anything positive to say about them.

The presidency of Donald Trump has exposed Democrats as bitter, pathetic, and hateful con men. They cater to the D.C. swamp and bow to the will of the global elite. As Trump restores America’s economy and independence, Democrats are lurching toward far-left socialism. A major rift has grown among moderate, traditional Democrats and far-left socialists who push social justice and radical policies.

Meanwhile, all that Democrats can do in office is attack Trump, searching for ways to impeach him.

Sorry, Dems, but if you want to survive into the next decade, you’re going to have to actually do something for Americans. Attacking Trump has failed again and again. It’s time to change tactics.

But time is running out for one top House Democrat. He’s spent the last year searching for dirt to impeach Donald Trump. Recently, he’s been forcing the issue, demanding documents he hopes would put Trump’s presidency into the grave. He wasn’t expecting he’d have to fight for his seat—with another Democrat.

A former top staffer on Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s campaign formally announced that he is officially launching a bid to unseat House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY).

Jonathan Herzog, who served as Yang’s 2020 Iowa campaign coordinator, released a video on Monday in which he revealed that he is running to represent New York’s 10th Congressional District as a way to assist in the passage of the same universal basic income platform for which his former employer is advocating in his presidential race…

Herzog will be challenging Nadler for the Manhattan-based congressional seat that he has held since he was first elected in 1992. However, Herzog stated that he is not running for the primary purpose of unseating the high-ranking Democrat, but solely as a way to advance his universal basic income proposal. [Source: Daily Wire]

Rep. Jerry Nadler’s seat is being challenged by a far-left socialist Jonathan Herzog. Nadler has been in office since 1992. It might seem like he can’t lose to this upstart. But it was only a year ago when a nobody by the name of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took Joe Crowley’s seat—after promising similar socialist programs.

Herzog is being pretty strategic, here. He knows Nadler is old. He knows that Nadler represents a failing arm of the Democratic Party. And he knows Nadler is losing ground by pushing the impeachment angle.

On the other hand, Herzog can appeal to liberal voters in Manhattan that he’s trying to help them with his bogus “universal basic income” plan. He’s contrasting himself with Nadler, who can’t seem to get anything done in D.C.

It’s a brilliant move, one that just might unseat the corrupt, grumpy Nadler. Truth is, Herzog’s plans for America are as bad as AOC’s. He’ll bankrupt this country before accomplishing anything good. But the Democratic Party is effectively dead. They have no true leaders that can inspire or find solutions. So, the vultures have been picking at the corpse for years.

Omar, Tliab, and Ocasio-Cortez were just the beginning. More radical leftists will try to take moderate Democrats’ seats. The rift within the party will only get bigger. It will drive many voters away over time, leading to a swift collapse.

If Nadler had been smart, he would have spent the last two years cooperating with Trump. He could have scored big wins for the country. But he went the whole “let’s impeach Trump over nothing” route. And it might cost him his seat.

Worse still, it might cost the Democratic Party… everything.

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