Top Obama Crony Charged – He’s Going On Trial After He Got Tangled Up In Mueller’s Web

Barack’s getting nervous – this is way too close!

Barack Obama and Joe Biden to this day claim there were no scandals during their presidency.

They must have very short memories. Because we can think of quite a few.

But how about this one? Just popped up, and it must have them worried.

Mueller’s investigation was supposed to drop a hammer on “corrupt” Republicans including the president.

Instead, they uncovered one of Obama’s White House buddies possibly lying and breaking the law.

This could very well be the tip of the iceberg.

From Daily Caller:

Former President Barack Obama’s White House counsel goes on trial Monday, accused of lying to and misleading Justice Department officials about his work with President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort.

Gregory Craig, a former White House counsel for Obama, has been indicted for lying to and misleading the Justice Department.


Apparently, Paul Manafort, a one-time Trump campaign staffer was working with Craig in 2012 when he was up to no good.

Long before Manafort worked with Trump, he was involved in some shady business, including bank and tax fraud.

But in 2012 he was helping the Kiev government and hired Craig and his law firm. When an America is working on behalf of a foreign government, that needs to be disclosed to our DOJ.

Just to make sure everything is above board. The reality is, we need to make sure Americans aren’t doing anything against the law for a foreign country that would hurt us.

Sound familiar? Many Democrats, including House leaders, still think Trump colluded with Russian to steal our election.

But, lo and behold! We see that a lawyer working with Obama refused to disclose his work for Kiev, a foreign power.

In fact, this case accuses Craig of deliberately lying to and misleading our government over that fact.

I wonder why?

If he was just providing counsel to a foreign government, there’s no need to lie about that, right? Why would he want to mislead Justice Department agents, if he was doing something nice and legal?

We don’t know all the facts, but this could be the start of a big unraveling.

Did Obama know about Craig’s work with Kiev? How far does this crime go?

Those are questions that we certainly would like answered.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Top Obama Crony Charged – He’s Going On Trial After He Got Tangled Up In Mueller’s Web

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