In Major 9-0 California Decision, The Supreme Court Unloads The Constitution Over Excessive Fines

Democrats are triggered – Donald just got a top victory in their backyard!

Democrats keep pushing to run our lives and tax as much as they can—but they were just delivered a major setback.

We are sick and tired of politicians robbing Americans just to line their pockets. Well, no more.

Now the Supreme Court has ruled this has to stop. And California is one of the hardest hit.

From The Hill:

The Supreme Court… ruled unanimously that states must adhere to the Constitution’s ban on excessive fines, a decision that will likely limit the ability of states to impose certain fees and seize property…

“This safeguard, we hold, is ‘fundamental to our scheme of ordered liberty,’ with ‘deep roots in our history and tradition,’” she said, quoting Supreme Court precedent.

Wow, what a win! Now states can’t just take however much they want out of our pockets as a fine.

This is a major 9-0 win for every supporter of small government – people who want the government to stay out of our lives and our bank accounts.

And President Trump is seeing this as a huge win for Americans, too.

Donald, keep reining in the liberal Democrat states! Tell them they can’t just bully Americans, pushing us around, as if we had no right to our own money.

The Supreme Court ruling a big wake-up call. It’s a warning to Democrats that the American’s rights come first. We are not your servants—it’s you who are supposed to serve us.

We are Americans, and we are FREE. You do not have the right to take our money excessively and unconstitutionally.

But guess what? California has been charging businesses and citizens massive fines for years. What’s their excuse?

“Climate change.”

Well, the Supreme Court won’t let them get away with it anymore.

Even Supreme Court liberals including RBG won’t let liberals get away with this nonsense. I’m sure Biden, Bernie and Warren, our 2020 frontrunners, won’t be too happy about that.

Author: Jon Brenner

Source: Patriot Journal: In Major 9-0 California Decision, The Supreme Court Unloads The Constitution Over Excessive Fines

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