California Residents Tired Of Dem’s Empty Promises – Ready For Change

After years of terrible liberal policies that have made the cost of living unthinkable in Los Angeles, the homelessness problem has reached a tipping point, and the residents are fed up with the people who are to blame – Democrats.

Residents are fed up and tired of the empty promises made by elected officials who rarely deliver.

“I don’t want to see them on camera anymore,” Marquesha Babers, who lived on Skid Row as a teenager, said. “I don’t want them to write any more articles about how much they care or how much they’re trying to change things. I want to see them do it.”

Across the state, officials have long lamented the horrors of homelessness while failing to pass any meaningful legislation. Homeless advocates accuse those in charge of using the crisis to further their own political aspirations and manipulating an environment that allows them to dodge accountability.

“The best we get out of those elected to deal with problems are soundbites,” Pete White, the founder of the Los Angeles Community Action Network, said. “Soundbites that say ‘it’s a humanitarian crisis’ and that ‘we have to do something’ only to see that something be either nothing or pathways to criminalization.”

While Local officials claim the state isn’t doing enough. California’s governor tries to shovel the blame on Washington. The Governor said it’s the White House’s fault for slashing federal funds and President Trump responds by taking aim at the Democrats’ governing skills.

“California is a disgrace to our country,” Trump said during an August campaign rally in Ohio. “It’s a shame. The world is looking at it. Look at Los Angeles with the tents and the horrible, horrible disgusting conditions.”

“It looks like things are getting worse, not better,” Whitney Beard, a worker at a coffee shop in downtown LA, told Fox News. “We’ve been hearing the same thing on loop for years.”

There’s even a running joke among the homeless living in downtown LA. They mock elected officials who claim breathlessly how “shocked” they are by the rise in homelessness and the deteriorating conditions on the street.

“They’re shocked! Shocked!” one woman living on Skid Row said, exasperatedly channeling Captain Renault from “Casablanca.” “Why are they shocked? We’ve been down here this whole time. They’re the ones who don’t come down here.”

The issue has gotten too bad for the Governor of California to ignore, and he was forced to bring it up in his 2019 state of the state address.

“Our homeless crisis has increasingly become a public health crisis,” Newsom said. “Last year, there was a hepatitis-A outbreak in San Diego. Recently, there was an outbreak of syphilis in Sonoma. And now, typhus in Los Angeles. Typhus. That’s a medieval disease. In California. In 2019.”

Enraged residents are ready to hold officials accountable for a change, instead of letting them get away with just paying lip service to the problem, and it starts with LA Mayor Eric Garcetti.

The Democratic mayor who had been flirting with a 2020 presidential run came under scrutiny for not treating the homeless problem with enough urgency. His office announced plans in 2018 to build 15 shelters, but things had gotten off to a slow start. In 2016, voters approved Proposition HHH, a $1.2 billion bond to build 10,000 housing units for the homeless, but so far only a handful have opened. The two-term mayor, though, argues the crisis would be far worse without his leadership.

In June, political commentator Alexandra Datig launched a long-shot effort to remove Garcetti from office. She claimed the mayor couldn’t “handle the crisis” and that “he needs to step down.”

This is just the beginning of people realizing that these utopian liberal policies will never work, and only make matters worse for everyone involved.

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