Poll: 63% Expect Trump Reelection, Up From 43%

A growing number of Americans, now a substantial majority, believe that President Trump is at least “somewhat likely” to win reelection, according to a new survey.

Despite nonstop negative headlines and concerns of an economic stall, 63% believe Trump is heading to reelection in Scott Rasmussen’s latest 2020 poll.

And, he said, those expectations have continued to grow even as the Democratic presidential primary race heats up.

In his daily memo, Rasmussen said, “The president’s job approval rating has also remained stable throughout the year. Despite that stability, the number who believe it’s likely that the president will be re-elected has grown every month. In August, 63% say President Trump is at least somewhat likely to be re-elected, up from 46% in February.”

In a related post, he charted the confidence growth:

The latest ScottRasmussen.com survey found that 63% of voters nationwide now believe it is at least somewhat likely President Trump will be successful in next year’s campaign. That’s up from 60% in July, 57% in May, 54% in April, 50% in March and 46% in February.

The latest figures include 29% who say the president is Very Likely to be re-elected and 15% who think that outcome is Not at All Likely.

Author: Paul Bedard

Source: Washington Examiner: Poll: 63% expect Trump reelection, up from 43%

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