AOC Exposed by Her Own Party–Gets Crushed Latest Interview

Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bamboozled her way into office by promising to abolish ICE. Since becoming a congresswoman, she has fumbled from one bad decision to another. But her poor leadership is much worse than we realized. A Democratic aide exposed AOC in a recent interview. It turns out, she isn’t even interested in helping the people who voted for her!

AOC has become the poster child for inept, foolish, and do-nothing Democrats. She talks a big talk, especially online. Yet she shows no real insight or understanding of America’s problems or needs. She spouts off common lies from the fake news—and does a good job of spreading many of her own.

Everything she’s tried to accomplish since entering office has been a failure. Some might wonder if she’s trying to ruin the country. Her landmark environmental proposal the “Green New Deal,” was insanely impractical and ridiculous. Even fellow Democrats mocked and rejected it.

Worse still, her meddling in a major deal between New York and Amazon cost the state billions of dollars in investments and thousands of jobs. How could a freshman congresswoman have the power to foil a huge deal? It’s all thanks to the Democratic Party. Their lack of leadership and vision is allowing clowns like AOC to run the show.

And it only results in pain and suffering for the people they represent.

Now we are learning that AOC never had any plans to help the people who elected her. A Democratic congressional aide revealed that her office doesn’t even have a system for answering phone calls. If a person needs help from their representative, they are ignored.

To think, the media called this woman the future of the Democratic Party!

A Democrat congressional aide slammed socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) in an interview this week, saying that the 29-year-old former bartender has no plans to serve the American people…

“She has no plans to serve the people. That’s why she has no constituent services operation,” a Democrat Congressional aide told The New York Post. “If you’re a grandma in Queens who needs help with her Medicare and you call AOC’s ‘district office’ you get a recording that tells you to visit the website instead.”

“What kind of elitist nonsense is that?” the aide continued. “Shameful, it’s all shameful.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Every last congressman or senator has a system set up so you can get in touch with them. They have staff that can take your calls and—more importantly—offer advice and help. That’s the whole point of them being elected! Serving the people.

AOC doesn’t even have a system like that set up. She has no intention of helping the people she pretends to represent. All she cares about is pushing her far-left, radical agenda in Congress. When she’s not hurting the people of New York, of course.

For nearly a year, we’ve been told by the liberal media that AOC is a shining light for all Americans. But she can’t even bother to answer her own people’s phone calls. She traveled to the border and “wept” at the gate, but she doesn’t care if people in her own district are suffering.

This woman is all flash, no substance. Even for a Democrat, it’s pretty sad. Liberals claim to care about putting the little guy first. They say they fight for minorities, the poor, and the forgotten of society. But AOC only cares about being in the spotlight. She is not a servant of the people. She’s a wannabe star.

Perhaps that’s why the people of New York already hate her!

Ocasio-Cortez is wildly unpopular in her district as only 10 itemized contributors within her district have donated to her re-election campaign…

A door-to-door poll from Stop The AOC PAC yielded the following key results:

They don’t like her. She has a more than 2:1 ratio of unfavorable (50.88%) to favorable (21.37%) in public opinion.

They don’t trust her. Only 10.75% thought she had their best interests in mind in quashing the Amazon deal – 32.60% said she didn’t.

They don’t want her. 33.44% are ready to vote against her, and only 13.30% would vote for her. [Source: Daily Wire]

I’m not at all surprised. Hopefully, by 2020, she will be long gone.

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