Foreign Interference? Tom Perez To Hold DNC Fundraisers In Mexico

The DNC is lagging behind the RNC when it comes to fundraising. In June alone, the DNC took in $8.5 million in contributions, while the Republican National Committee more than doubled that with a reported $20.7 million.

You’d think the Dems would step their giving game up, seeing as they think Trump will actually destroy the universe or whatnot.

Anyway, DNC chairman Tom Perez is getting desperate, so he’s taking the show down to Mexico.

According to the Daily Caller:

Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez will hold three fundraisers for American ex-patriots in Mexico, as Democrats struggle to keep pace with Republicans in fundraising.

Perez will host three events in Mexico City on Sept. 28, Bloomberg reported. One event is a happy hour that will cost $25 to attend. Perez will also host a dinner where tickets are going for between $1,000 and $15,000.

DNC spokeswoman Xochitl Hinojosa’s confirmed to Bloomberg that the events would be taking place.

The DNC will, however, require that attendees show proof they are American citizens or permanent residents, ‘in order to comply with federal campaign finance laws.’ So no “foreign interference” here… at least in theory.

While over 1.5 million American citizens live in Mexico, I have a very hard time understanding why fundraising in Mexico is a good use of the DNC’s time and effort.

This, for the record, is coming from an American THAT ACTUALLY GREW UP IN MEXICO. In fact, I got MARRIED in Mexico earlier this month. I clearly have no issue with Mexico. I also just so happen to have a Masters Degree in nonprofit management. AKA fundraising. I can tell you, for a number of reasons, that this is a stupid plan.

I can also tell you that I think the RNC should make sure each and every one of those donations is looked in to carefully.

Author: Ashley (Kimber)

Source: Chicks On Right: Foreign Interference? Tom Perez To Hold DNC Fundraisers In Mexico

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