What About Climate Change? ! Internet Has A Blast After Obamas Buy $15 Million Beachfront Mansion

So Barack Obama has bought yet another house. He’s got a mansion in California, another in Chicago, plus there’s his massive residence in Washington, D.C., the one with the walls and fences to keep the riff-raff away.

The internet, as it is wont to do, immediately weighed in on the news.

This one was among the best on Twitter: “If you truly believe that climate change is going to be as devastating as the pundits are saying (ex: the island of Manhatten will soon be underwater), why would you gamble $15M to buy an island estate directly on the water?”

TMZ reported this week that the former president and first lady have a contract to buy a 29-acre beachfront plot with a nearly 7,000-square-foot main house. It’s got seven bedrooms and 8½ bathrooms, you know, like your summer house.

But Obama spent eight years in the White House saying melting ice caps would cause sea levels to rise, at some point washing over islands and pushing into oceanside communities. So you gotta’ wonder, why would her buy an oceanfront place he repeatedly said was exactly the kind most vulnerable to climate change?

“The Obamas say that Democrats are lying about the effects of climate change and claiming that sea levels will rise, and to prove it they buy an enormous estate right on the water,” Wrote another.

Others on the interwebs mocked the man who once chided Wall Streeters, saying, “I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.”

“The Obama‘s totally reject socialism and buy another mega mansion – a $15 million dollar Martha’s Vineyard estate that they’ll only use a few weeks a year, in an attempt to set a new record for income inequality,” wrote another.

One wag wondered just what the electricity bill would be for a place like that.

For reference, former vice president Al Gore’s 10,000-square-foot estate near Nashville, Tennessee, eats up more than 21 times the energy than of an average U.S. household over the past year.

Author: Joseph Curl

Source: The Gateway Pundit: WHAT ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE?! Internet Has A Blast After Obamas Buy $15 Million Beachfront Mansion

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