After Trump Promises Americans a Wall – Border Patrol Releases This Video

The problems at our border were going on long before President Trump took office.

But the powerful newsmaker he is, he brought renewed attention to the border. And our need to secure it.

Democrats have tried everything they could to stop Trump from fulfilling his promise. Congress, today, still works to prevent Trump from building the wall.

They even spread the false notion that Trump has made no progress in his efforts to secure the border.

I guess they’ll have a hard time denying this news. CBP just posted a huge announcement. One that you have to see.

From Fox News:

Drone footage released by the Border Patrol over the weekend shows miles of a “new border wall system” going up at a location in Arizona near where illegal immigrants were seen streaming into America years ago…

“CBP has constructed over 60 miles of new border wall system along the SW border since 2017 and expects to complete 450 miles by the end of 2020,” the Border Patrol said in a tweet…

Wow. That’s some impressive footage if I’ve ever seen some.

CBP posted several videos to their Twitter account of the extensive construction going on right now at the border.

They also posted the newly constructed border wall system at a spot that was once a welcome mat for border jumpers.

The new wall is complete with razor wire and enhanced security features. Notice how nice and peaceful the area is now—because the wall was in place.

Just a few years ago, it looked like Walmart on Black Friday.

This is what progress looks like. Despite the left’s best efforts, Trump is securing funding and building the wall.

Even with monumental obstruction from Democrats, President Trump is determined to finish what he started. The wall is being built and it will be complete.

But all that progress will be undone—if a Democrat gets into the White House.

Are you going to make sure that doesn’t happen?

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: After Trump Promises To Build The Wall – Border Patrol Says ‘Yes Sir’ And Releases Footage Of 60 Miles Of New Wall

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