Bernie Praises Communist China–Gets Wrecked by the Facts

Bernie Sanders is really all-in with this whole socialist thing. But the mask of being a “democratic” socialist just keeps slipping. Recently, he praised China over its “progress” to improve the lives of its people. But he left out a few key details that don’t make China look so great.

Seriously, what’s the deal with our leaders praising a foreign power? Does China have so much influence in our country that our own politicians will put it in front of America? For decades, we’ve watched as countless jobs and dollars have left the U.S. to enrich China. Our leaders all but encouraged it.

President Trump has been the first leader in decades to actually challenge China. Our media and politicians had a meltdown. They shouted, “You can’t challenge China! How dare you go against our overlord!”

But Bernie Sanders took it a step further when he claimed China has done more to help its people than any other nation in history. Uh… what? This guy is running for President of the United States and he can’t say enough good things about another country.

“But what we have to say about China in fairness to China and it’s leadership is if I’m not mistaken they have made more progress in addressing extreme poverty than any country in the history of civilization, so they’ve done a lot of things for their people.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Um, yeah Bernie, you’re mistaken. Big time. The Chinese government is one of the most oppressive and brutal regimes in the world.

Right now, they are persecuting religious groups, including Christians and Muslims. Their president has burned down churches and Bibles. Muslims are being sent to “re-education” champs to brainwash them out of believing in their religion. Not to mention how they monitor and “score” citizens for obedience. That doesn’t sound like China’s done a lot of good for their people. And it goes on.

Sanders also did not acknowledge that China’s Mao Zedong carried out the largest mass murder in world history against the Chinese people.

“According to the authoritative ‘Black Book of Communism,’ an estimated 65 million Chinese died as a result of Mao’s repeated, merciless attempts to create a new ‘socialist’ China.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Yeah, that’s almost as many people who were killed in all of WWII. That was just by one man, their great “leader” Mao. Their current leadership follows in his footsteps.

But what about the economic success the Chinese have enjoyed? It’s true they are better off now today, economically, then they were thirty years ago.

Sanders wants us to believe its due to socialism. Sorry, wrong!

China’s success provides clear evidence of the power of capitalism… China has progressively embraced the tenets of free-market economics, introduced private ownership, and gradually reduced the influence of the once all-powerful state over the Chinese economy. [Source: Daily Wire]

China’s doing well because they started doing business with America and the rest of the world. Free-market principles have helped them thrive, when before they were utterly poor. It if wasn’t for capitalism, the Chinese would be suffering.

But it came at a cost. China thrives because they undercut industries around the world. Manufacturing in the United States was devastated, thanks to the Chinese. Jobs bled away over the last twenty years. “Free” trade resulted in a decline in wages and opportunity for Americans. Not to mention the massive losses from China stealing our intellectual properties. Their black market of bootleg products costs us billions.

So, yeah, I don’t think it’s time to praise China, Bernie. I know you’re so desperate to convince voters it’s time for America to become socialist. But you’re ignoring the fact that China is doing well economically because of capitalism.

Anything that’s socialist in China means persecution, a denial of human rights, and a lack of privacy. It’s a regime that came to power thanks to immense bloodshed. And it continues to be a threat to the United States and the Free World.

But that’s okay, Bernie. You totally welcome to leave the U.S. and go live in your favorite country.

The sooner the better.

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