Joe Biden Dooms His 2020 Chances with Tyrannical Plan

It’s no secret that all leading Democratic candidates for president want tight gun control.

We’re not talking about stricter background checks, but policies that would make it much harder for Americans to acquire or use firearms.

But Joe Biden went farther than any liberal out there, when he called for an extreme ban. It will surely tank his campaign.

There is a reason we have the Second Amendment. I don’t have to explain that to you. But I will. The Second Amendment to the Constitution grants Americans the right to bear arms for their self-defense. It is a right that cannot be revoked by the government in any form.

Yet over the years, far-left Democrats have fought to erode this right any way they can. Today, in some states, it’s nearly impossible for a law-abiding citizen to purchase a gun. Other states have numerous hoops you have to jump through and red tape that dictates where or how you can operate a firearm.

The great irony is, even with the mountain of gun control laws on the books, criminals and lunatics still harm innocent lives. Kind of tells you something about gun control, huh? (Hint: it doesn’t work!)

The one thing that can stop a gunman intent on doing harm are American citizens shooting back. That ends mass shootings and crime 100% of the time. Yet this very obvious solution to gun violence is never considered by leftists. They want a United States that’s “gun free.” Of course, if they get their way, it will only be gun free for law-abiding citizens.

All 2020 Democrats running for president have proposed insanely strict new gun laws. But Joe Biden has gone farther than any other. In comments about his gun control plans, he slammed the state of Texas (bad idea, Joe) and proposed banning magazines that hold “multiple bullets.” Uh… really?

Biden, who made the remarks while talking to the press during a campaign stop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, said there should be “no compromise” on guns as he also voiced his anger at the state of Texas for allowing people to carry firearms in places of worship to defend themselves from those who seek to harm others…

Biden’s extreme gun control push, if ever enacted, would effectively ban the overwhelming majority of handguns, all semi-automatic shotguns and rifles, and many hunting rifles which use magazines…

Another reporter asked Biden if there could be any compromise with Republicans on gun-related issues, to which Biden succinctly said, “no.”

“None,” Biden. “None on this. I think this is no compromise. This is one we have to just push, and push, and push, and push, and push.” [Source: Daily Wire]

You heard it from the man himself. He wants to push, push, push gun control on the American people. He doesn’t care what you think about the issue. He doesn’t care if you grew up using firearms and can operate them safely. He doesn’t care if firearms can save your life from a criminal. Biden, if elected, will abuse the power of the federal government to rob you of your rights.

(This is the same man, by the way, that wants an open border to reward violent criminals who murder, rape, and smuggle drugs into your communities.)

Biden wants to ban all magazines, since they all hold “multiple bullets.” He criticizes Christians who want to protect their fellow church members from violence.

Like all gun control nuts, he doesn’t know what real guns are. There is no such thing as “assault-type” weapons. When someone uses that term, you know they know nothing about firearms. Banning all magazines is nonsense.

But this has been the left’s plan all along. After all, they want to turn America into the next Soviet Union or Socialist Venezuela. In order for them to impose their incredibly strict economic and political agenda, they have to first rob Americans of their ability to defend themselves.

They want you dependent on a corrupt government to protect you. Yeah, nice try, Joe. Something tells me more than a few Americans are going to reject your plan. Count me as one of them.

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