Mitt Romney Betrays Trump, Sides With Dems On Border Wall

Failed presidential candidate and current Senator Mitt Romney has once again stabbed President Trump in the back by blasting the leader of the free world over the border wall.

Siding with his ideological allies in the Democratic party, Romney whined that the Trump administration’s use of money appropriated for the Pentagon to address the ongoing humanitarian and national security crisis on the southern border was an affront to the balance of power.

Mitt’s latest snit stems from $54 million diverted from Utah – a state that he didn’t even live in prior to his U.S. Senate run – that he claims puts too much power in the executive branch and called for Congress to act to “restore” the status quo.

According to an official statement from the Mittster:

“In April, Senator Lee and I expressed our significant concerns to the Secretary of Defense regarding the potential diversion of funds for critical military construction projects in Utah. I’m disappointed that despite those concerns, two key military construction projects totaling $54 million will be delayed as a result of the February 2019 emergency declaration. Funding the border wall is an important priority, and the Executive Branch should use the appropriate channels in Congress, rather than divert already appropriated funding away from military construction projects and therefore undermining military readiness. Congress will have an opportunity to restore this funding in the next budget cycle, and I plan to work with the delegation to fight for funding for these projects, which are essential to Utah’s service members and our national security strategy.”

-Sen. Mitt Romney, (R) Utah

Romney was joined by fellow Utah Senator Mike Lee; a never Trumper whose plot to torpedo Trump’s 2016 nomination at the Republican National Convention was foiled and who like Mitt, has an ax to grind with the POTUS.

“Congress has been ceding far too much powers to the executive branch for decades and it is far past time for Congress to restore the proper balance of power between the three branches. We should start that process by passing the ARTICLE ONE Act, which would correct the imbalances caused by the National Emergencies Act.”

-Sen. Mike Lee, (R) Utah

Neither one of the two RATS (Republicans Against Trump) acknowledged that it was due to the failure of Congress to address the crisis on the southern border in the first place that Trump had to resort to the emergency use of defense funds to protect the nation.

As the former governor of ultra-liberal Massachusetts, Romney has always been an open borders guy and now that he is a senator, is showing his true colors as just another globalist hyena.

He also continues to nurture a grudge against Trump who he once begged for support before he lost a winnable election to Barack Obama in 2012.

As the president so eloquently put it, Mitt “choked like a dog” and thanks to his pathetic campaign, Obama was empowered to do his worst damage in a second term.

When Romney had his chance to get into the ring with the other sixteen candidates during the 2016 GOP primaries he instead chose to cower on the sidelines while Trump shredded everyone in his way like Clint Eastwood working his way through the bad guys at the end of Pale Rider.

In short, he had neither a spine nor the manhood to duke it out with Trump and take his whuppin’ like a man.

Instead, Romney joined Democrats to sabotage Trump’s presidential bid and put Hillary Clinton into the White House but failed miserably and has never gotten over it.

Expect him to join the rest of the Never Trump dead-enders in backing a yet unnamed primary challenger to Trump next year.

Author: Chris Donaldson

Source: I Love My Freedom: Mitt Romney Betrays Trump, Sides With Dems On Border Wall

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