Pelosi Wants House to Pass New Law to Indict President

Speaker seeks legislation that would allow this move for a sitting commander-in-chief if the person has ‘committed wrongdoing’

During a recent interview with National Public Radio (NPR), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) called for the House of Representatives to pass new laws so that a sitting president can be indicted.

There is currently no law for this.

Said Pelosi, “I do think that we will have to pass some laws that will have clarity for future presidents.”

“[A] president should be indicted,” she added, “if he’s committed wrongdoing — any president. There is nothing anyplace that says the president should not be indicted. That’s something cooked up by the president’s lawyers.”

“That’s what that is. But so that people will feel ‘OK, well, if he — if he does something wrong, [he] should be able to be indicted.’”

The Democrats keep wanting to indict and impeach a duly elected president — but they can’t seem to turn their many accusations into crimes or misdeeds.

The longer they go on accusing, the more the charade looks like absolute and blatant partisanship — all this insanity to protect Roe vs. Wade.

Every mention of this issue is another moment for Trump to play the media, play the Dems, own them — and get into their head.

They lost on this the day it started years ago. Trump’s favorability is up since his election.

He and his team have been growing stronger and stronger for years now.

If Pelosi thinks any Democrat will beat Trump in a presidential election, she is delusional, in my view; she and the rest of her party are out-of-touch with so many millions of American voters.

I would say she needs to be dethroned once again from the speaker’s position —and I believe that will happen in the next elections.

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.

Author: Wayne Dupree

Source: Life Zette: Pelosi Wants House to Pass New Law to Indict President

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